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Licensing update/License comparison/yue

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GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) 同 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA) 嘅異同一覧。

作者 Free Software Foundation Creative Commons
而家第幾版 1.3 (二零零八年十一月) 3.0 (二零零七年二月)
以前有幾版 1.2 (二零零二年十一月)
1.1 (二零零零年三月)
2.5 (二零零五年秋天)
2.0 (二零零四年五月)
1.0 (二零零二年十二月)
為乜寫 自由軟件嘅說明書 普通嘢用
語言同埋司法轄區 English language developed with United States jurisdictional context; no official translation, several unofficial translations One generic version and more than 40 mutually compatible variants adapted for specific national jurisdictions and translated into the respective official languages
作者點追遡(Attribution) Title page includes current authors and at least five principal authors of previous versions. Document must also include a history of all prior versions, their authors, and their network location (if any) Current and previous authors and their designated sponsor institutions (if provided), title of work, URI associated with the work (if provided), acknowledgment of adaptation from prior work (if any).
邊度追遡 每一本入面都要抄足 可以用「合理」嘅法子表達
每份嘢要包埋 GFDL 全文,拉臣告白,同埋全部版權告白 CC-BY-SA 全文或者連去嘅URI,拉臣告白同,同全部版權告白(除非原作者哋免咗佢)
𧗠生嘢 一定要用 GFDL 一定要用 CC-BY-SA
砌埋(Aggregation) May be combined with "separate and independent" works in a "storage or distribution medium" without requiring the GFDL apply to the other works May be "assembled into a collective whole" with one or more "separate and independent works" without requiring that CC-BY-SA apply to the other works
阻人抄嘢?(Copy prevention mechanisms) A re-distributor "may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or further copying" of the work A re-distributor may not "impose any effective technological measures" that restrict recipients from exercising their rights under the license
公開快佬嘅格式(Open file formats) Distributors of more than 100 copies must, at minimum, include a URI where a machine-readable copy of the work's text and other media is available in a widely used format whose specification is publicly known. Such URI should remain available for at least a year after distribution of the last copy in a format that is not machine-readable. 冇話一定要包埋 machine-readable 本或者 open file 格式。
第啲特點 可以用係恆常章節、封面同封底文字
免責聲明(Warranty disclaimers)
未來版 Authors may allow the license in the work to extend to all future versions of the license. (Allowing all future versions is required for text, but not images, on Wikimedia projects.) Authors may allow the license in the work to extend to all future versions of the license. Authors must allow derivative versions to be created under future versions of the license.