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Licensing update/Translation

From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki
The licensing update has been executed.
The results are available here. Please be aware that pages need to be updated to reflect the result and that some information may be obsolete. In the meantime, viewing the LU timeline might be helpful. Help with translations is of continuing appreciation.


The Licensing update is going to require input from the global community. Therefore, we're going to need translations into as many languages as possible.


Colors indicate level of progress:

Beginning In progress Close to done or done

Priority 1
  1. Result
  2. Implementation
  3. Outreach
  4. Project Transitions
Priority 2
  1. Template:LUresults phase
  2. Licensing update (Main Page / Landing page)
  3. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  4. License comparison
Priority 3
  1. Template:LU
  2. Timeline
  3. Committee
  4. Oppositional arguments


These pages were involved in the translation effort, but are no longer needed now that the vote has been completed.

  1. Vote interface (part 1 · part 2)
  2. Vote-header (same as the header of Licensing update except for the last few lines and the use of external links, most can be translated only once and then copied)
  3. Header and jump text
  4. Vote-specs
  5. CentralNotice

Tracking Pages

These pages do not require any additional translation, but are used to track the uploading of translated content from Meta onto the SPI vote servers. They should be updated when new translations are available.

  1. Sidebar – derived from Template:LU
  2. Header tracking – tracks the uploading of the vote-header

Retrospective impact

Now that the LU vote is over and a decision has been made, most related documents will need to be updated to reflect this – even down to the tense of the text. Help with this is critical, as it ensures that the community stays informed as to where we are actually at.

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