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Navbox for the Wikimedia licensing update. Can be left aligned with {{LU|left}}.

When updating {{LU}} and its translations, please also update the tracking page at Licensing update/Sidebar so that the corresponding content will also be copied to the vote servers.
To translate
Copy the following and paste it at "Template:LU/code", then translate the words to the right of "=", with the exception of lang = qqq (replace qqq with language code).
|lang        = qqq
|title       = Licensing update
|proposal    = Main page
|faq         = Questions and Answers
|opposition  = Oppositional arguments
|compare     = License comparison
|results     = Licensing poll results
|committee   = Committee
|transition  = Project Transitions
|timeline    = Timeline
|translation = Translation
|translate   = Translate!
|implement   = Implementation
|outreach    = Outreach
|transition  = Project Transitions

<!-- links; only change if the source exists -->
|landing-url   = Licensing update
|faq-url       = Licensing update/Questions and Answers
|opposition-url = Licensing update/Questions and Answers/Oppositional arguments
|compare-url   = Licensing update/License comparison
|results-url   = Licensing update/Result
|committee-url = Licensing update/Committee
|timeline-url  = Licensing update/Timeline
|implement-url = Licensing update/Implementation
|outreach-url  = Licensing update/Outreach
|transition-url = Licensing update/Project Transitions

<!-- if you want to localise your template -->
|thisbox  = This box
|view     = view
|talk     = talk
|edit     = edit