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Submitting your candidacy? Please read this:

By adding your candidacy, you agree you have read and confirm that you satisfy the prerequisites to candidacy.

Nomination template fields

  • Name: Please put your full real name, all candidates are required to disclose this as the members of the Board are a matter of public record.
  • username: Please put the username you use on Wikimedia Foundation projects
  • image: You can include an image of yourself if desired (optional)
  • image caption: If you include an image you may include a caption for that image (optional)
  • age: Your age (optional)
  • location: Physical location/region
  • languages: Languages you speak/how well you speak them
  • wikimedian since: Date you first joined the Wikimedia projects
  • active wikis: What wikis are you active on? Providing links to your active user pages is highly recommended
  • brief statement: This will be shown to all voters ON the ballot and has top priority for translations. As much as possible It should reflect your main goals for why you want to run. Please work to keep it as concise as possible and limit links. Not to exceed 250 characters, not including spaces
  • online wiki work: Please describe relevant work you've done on the Wikimedia Projects that would reflect on why you would be a good candidate for the board. Not to exceed 200 words.
  • offline wiki work: Please describe relevant OFF-wiki, but Wikimedia related, work that would reflect on why you would be a good candidate for the board. Not to exceed 200 words.

Nomination template

{{WMF elections candidate/2017
| name                = Fulana Perez
| username            = Example
| image               = Example.jpg
| image caption       = Image caption
| age                 = 99
| location            = Cíbola
| languages           = Esperanto-N, Ido-2
| wikimedian since    = 15 January 2001
| active wikis        = [[m:User:Example|meta.wikimedia]], [[:testwiki:User:Example|test.wikipedia]]
| brief statement     = Lorem ipsum dolor
| online wiki work    = Lorem ipsum dolor
| offline wiki work   = Lorem ipsum dolor

Note: Please do not fill out the Headline/Summary section below, leave it blank as the nomination template will create the section appropriately.

This page has been semi protected to prevent vandalism, if you are eligible and not able to edit this please contact the committee.