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  • The proposal is to conduct Mini TTT across the country and a few hackathons as well. All these culminate to a MediaWiki Conference hopefully by November or December 2017. All programs are planned to be conducted in association with the Center for Internet & Society - Access to Knowledge (CIS-A2K).

Proposed Activities and Timeline[edit]

This is a draft timeline, and actual events may change. Please provide your feedback and suggestions.
Activity Time Intended for
Mini Technical and MediaWiki TTT (Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai) June - October 2017 Technical & MediaWiki training
1st MediaWiki Conference India + Hackathon December 2017 All technical contributors and enthusiasts

Known Resource Persons (in the past)[edit]

The following people are known to have significant expertise and working experience in MediaWiki and other technical aspects of Wikipedia and have conducted talks/tutorials catering to a wide variety of audience.


  • Tony Thomas (WMF GSoC admin and MediaWiki core contributor) (lives abroad)
  • Srijan Agarwal (MediaWiki contributor and former GSoC student)
  • Harsh Kothari
  • Yuvi Panda (lives abroad)
  • Vishwa Prabha
  • Omshivaprakash H L
  • Pavithra
  • Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka (upto basic extension development and customization)

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  • Vishwa Prabha
  • Tito Dutta (tools, scripts, gadgets, lab)


Technical Training[edit]

MWTTT 2017 syllabus

MediaWiki introduction[edit]

  • Introducing the MediaWiki framework
  • Under the hood design
  • Installing the LAMP/WAMP stack
  • Introduction to Version Control (Git)
  • Installing MediaWiki
  • Basic customization
  • Installing extensions
  • Creation of basic extensions
  • Basic Bot creation and automation using pywikibot and wikitools library
  • Final Day Hackathon

Comments / Discussion[edit]

  • Please leave your comments here so that proper online discussion can take place. Cheers, ƬheStrikeΣagle 05:59, 31 May 2017 (UTC)