Mediawiki Awareness and Training in Indic Projects

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MediaWiki Awareness and Training in Indic Projects
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Mediawiki Awareness and Training in Indic Projects is an awareness and training program for our Indic Language Project as well as for students. This will be mostly conducted in Hindi and mostly training will be done online.


The problem is lack of Mediawiki knowledge in Indic Projects. There is rumour that MediaWiki is only for developer. It is totally wrong. Personally, I installed MediaWiki on my computer for learning sysop works. Anyone can use MediaWiki, even if they don't know programming language. MediaWiki is very best thing for testing gadgets and installing before deploying on Languages Project.

Resource Person[edit]

  • Jay Prakash — My name is Jay Prakash. I am hi-N user and I am founder of this idea. I am currently working on Gerrit Wikimedia, Where I resolve some easy stubs. Our main aim of this program is to make MediaWiki awareness in our Indic Language Project. Gerrit is too easy see my contributions here.



  1. Create awareness about MediaWiki.
  2. Volunteers empowerment on Tech field.
  3. Create and grow tech leadership in Indic Projects.
  4. Promotion of Mediawiki, Extensions, Phabricator and Gerrit.


  • Installing XAMPP (making localhost).
  • Creating accounts in,, create and upload SSH keys
  • Clone MediaWiki core to web server document root, installing.
  • Introducing the MediaWiki framework
  • Introducing the LocalSetting.php.
  • Introducing the InitialiseSettings.php.
  • Parts of Mediawiki Extensions.
  • Localize the Messages though i18n.json file.
  • Upload the Patch via Public Edit (Git)
  • Install git and git review (Git)
  • Upload the patch via git. (Git)
  • Upload the multiple Patch in same Repo. (By make diff-diff Branch)