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Suggested Topics[edit]

We will be using the Women in Science to guide our edit-a-thon. Participants are encouraged to pursue their own interests, as well. This list contains articles to be created as well as articles to be improved, so feel free to identify an article that matches how ambitious you feel!

Note: All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; people on this list may or may not qualify.

Carolina Women Scientists[edit]

The University of North Carolina has many renown women scientists who have pages which could be expanded or created. Here are a few suggestions and references.

Carolina Alumni Review (2014) Chemistry Chair...honored by GAA, Carolina Alumni Review (2006) Four Earn Professorships for Excellence-in-Teaching Women in Science (2002) post

Articles to be created or expanded[edit]

Scientist Template: Click here

The names of the women below were first generated on the Women Scientists worklist of articles that need to be created or improved.




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