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The rollback tool is an anti-vandal tool that is made available by default to all Meta-Wiki administrators, Meta-Wiki patrollers, global rollbackers, global sysops and stewards. Rollback allows users to undo all of the most recent consecutive edits by a single user to a page, reverting the page back to the last revision by a different user. It is quicker to use than the standard "undo" function, which allows only the undoing of a single edit at a time.

When to use rollback[edit]

The use of rollback should normally be limited to combating vandalism, but the tool can also be used to rollback your own mistaken edits. It should only be used for only clear-cut cases, as an automatic edit summary is provided without the opportunity to add custom text.

How it works[edit]

If a user makes more than one consecutive edit, an undo might not work. Rollback can revert all consecutive edits by a user, on a specific page (unless the user is the sole contributor to a page). The automatically-generated edit summary for rollback looks like this: m Reverted changes by Example (talk) to last version by User B. Rollbacks are automatically marked as minor (m).

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