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Meta:Requests and proposals Meta-Wiki requests for comment
(requests for comment on local Meta-Wiki issues only)
Requests for comment is a process for requesting outside input on any issue of wider significance for Meta-Wiki, be it content, user conduct, or Meta-Wiki policies and guidelines. Please note that there are other discussions forums such as Babel (general discussion) or Wikimedia Forum (general Wikimedia-wide discussion) and other dispute resolution alternatives, such as Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat. For requests for comment that are global in scope please refer to Requests for comment. To create a request for comments for Meta-Wiki please follow the instructions of the box below.


Current requests[edit]

Issue Started by Description Start date
Enable 2FA on meta for all users xaosflux Configuration update 2018-11-29
How should closed permission request templates be used? E to the Pi times i Should {{Closed request top}} and {{Closed request bottom}} be used, and if so, how should they be used? 2019-05-14

Closed requests[edit]

Closed requests are kept in the archive. Here is a list of the last RfCs closed.

Issue Started by Description Start date Close date Resolution

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