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Meta:Requests for comment

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Requests for comment is a process for requesting outside input on any issue of wider significance for Meta-Wiki, be it content, user conduct, or Meta-Wiki policies and guidelines. Please note that there are other discussions forums such as Babel (general discussion) or Wikimedia Forum (general Wikimedia-wide discussion) and other dispute resolution alternatives, such as Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat. For requests for comment that are global in scope please refer to Requests for comment. To create a request for comments for Meta-Wiki please follow the instructions of the box below.


Current requests[edit]

Open requests for comment on Meta-Wiki
Issue Started by Description Start date
Meta:Requests for comment/Create local meta abuse filter helper and abuse filter manager role Camouflaged Mirage Creating local meta abuse filter helper and abuse filter manager role 2023-03-24
Meta:Requests for comment/Change to WMF staff user rights policy Minorax Granting of translation admin user right should be done locally 2024-02-15

Closed requests[edit]

Closed requests are kept in the archive. Here is a list of the last RfCs closed.

Closed requests for comment on Meta-Wiki
Issue Started by Description Start date Close date Resolution
Meta:Requests for comment/Return to old Vector as default Renvoy Return to old Vector as default 2024-02-26 2024-06-26 No consensus
Meta:Requests for comment/Temporarily stop MinT translation Lemonaka, et, al. Stop or disable MinT translation gadget 2023-10-06 2024-04-22 Resolved per Phab
Allow de-sysop proposal of active adminships Liuxinyu970226 A proposal to setup a process to de-sysop for active adminships with abusing tools 2022-04-30 2022-07-25 No consensus
Change to Meta Admin Inactivity Policies Camouflaged Mirage A change to the inactivity policy for Meta Admin. 2022-01-15 2022-03-16 No consensus
Should the Wikimedia Cuteness Association be renamed? Mike Peel Proposed rename of Wikimedia Cuteness Association 2018-07-24 2021-03-21 Inactive.
Username Change Request to RafaelReese38 Rafaelreese1965 User seeking rename 2021-03-21 2021-03-21 Invalid
Croatian admin Ivi104 blocking people who do not agree with on subject, already seen far right bias at croatian wikipedia. AntwoordX Croatian Wikipedia Admin abusing rights 2021-02-03 2021-02-04 Invalid
Multi-lang meta user page viztor one meta user page in different languages 2019-08-04 2020-02-07 No consensus.
Create a 2FA tester local meta usergroup Camouflaged Mirage Configuration update 2020-02-20 2021-04-26 Consensus not to enact

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