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Meta:Requests and proposals Meta-Wiki requests for comment
(requests for comment on local Meta-Wiki issues only)
Requests for comment is a process for requesting outside input on any issue of wider significance for Meta-Wiki, be it content, user conduct, or Meta-Wiki policies and guidelines. Please note that there are other discussions forums such as Babel (general discussion) or Wikimedia Forum (general Wikimedia-wide discussion) and other dispute resolution alternatives, such as Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat. For requests for comment that are global in scope please refer to Requests for comment. To create a request for comments for Meta-Wiki please follow the instructions of the box below.


Current requests[edit]

Issue Started by Description Start date
Create a 2FA tester local meta usergroup Camouflaged Mirage Configuration update 2020-02-20

Closed requests[edit]

Closed requests are kept in the archive. Here is a list of the last RfCs closed.

Issue Started by Description Start date Close date Resolution
Preventing unregistered users to vote on RFCs Znotch190711 Large community discussion 2019-07-24 2019-09-06 No consensus to enact
/Long abuse on User:Conde Edmond Dantès Large community discussion 2019-08-01 2019-08-01 Invalid (not a Meta issue). Moved to Requests for comment/Long abuse on
How should closed permission request templates be used? Retro Question on the use of closing templates 2019-05-14 2019-07-10 There is no consensus for any change from current practice. No templates will be deleted, they should not be applied retroactively, and sysops and bureaucrats can use them at their discretion.
Multi-lang meta user page viztor one meta user page in different languages 2019-08-04 2020-02-07 No consensus.
Mobile web version of the Meta main page Pine Proposal to add sections to mobile home page 2020-02-01 2020-02-20 Mobile home page updated and new version deployed per phab:T244577.
Enable 2FA on meta for all users xaosflux Configuration update 2018-11-29 2020-08-14 No consensus.
/Amendment of the adminship policy PythonSwarm (talk) Policy 2020-08-27 2020-08-27 Invalid.

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