Meta:Requests for comment/Croatian admin Ivi104 blocking people who do not agree with on subject, already seen far right bias at croatian wikipedia.

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The following request for comments is closed. Though it is odd for an initial block on a new user to be indefinite and with neither talk page access or email access, that is not something that can be handled on Meta-Wiki, much less through a local RfC. Vermont (talk) 19:39, 4 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Ivi104's misuse of administrator rights and far right bias[edit]

Ivi104 is not treating all the contributors involved in editing war evenly.  I am punished by permanent ban after just 10 edits, for alleged vandalism. It is extremely important to point out, I didn't violate any standard and certainly I did not vandalise the article as I will show in this statement.  If I were to be punished for just 10 edits within editing war (10 edits resulting in permanent ban - seriously?!), then the very same punishment deserve all my opponents which did very same things while editing war, at least, it is something one would expect in case of unbiased administrator and usage of administrator rights & tools! Unfortunately, it seems administrator Ivi104 is biased toward far right views, for he is protecting highly biased article in which there is no any mention of Ustaše Militias as official military force of fascist puppet state Independent State of Croatia have committed any atrocities against Serb, Jew, Roma and even Croatian population.  Can this be just a coincidence or we are talking about intentional action of protecting of biased article? By this occasion I am to asking reviewers of this RFC to decide for themselves if original article regarding Ustaši Militia is biased, does it promote radical history revision, please visit original article Ustaška vojnica  :::: Furthermore, is editing war vandalism?  Here we have clear case of intentional misinterpretation of terms of service  of by administrator  Ivi104, under article Wikipedija:Vandalizam and under title "Što vandalizam nije?" (What is not vandalism?) it is very clearly stated; stubbornness (when two wikipedia contributors can’t agree on what an article will look like).  Editing war is very clear definition of stubbornness of two or more contributors on what article should look like!  As of this moment my account at is still permanently blocked, so I certainly do expect thorough checkup of Ivi104 and his severe violations of administrator rights. --AntwoordX (talk) 23:41, 3 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]