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Hello, I am a wikimedian by the username Camouflaged Mirage. (See my SUL here: Special:CentralAuth/Camouflaged_Mirage) Please feel free to approach me for any help or issues regarding my editing. You may leave a note on my talkpages (meta or projects). I am not that active recently due to personal issues, however, I will strive to respond as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay. Email disabled globally so apologies if you cannot send me an email.


  • For people who wish to contact me: Here first (Meta talkpage) and email on meta if necessary (it's only enabled here). Note - my email SOP: For emails, please ensure it relates to privacy (e.g. RD requests) or block appeals for users with talk page access revoked. If you are emailing me of stuffs that can be discussed onwiki, do be prepared for me to release it using CC-0 onwiki. In addition, I will not accept rants, insults, messages by proxies (e.g. you are blocked and asked someone else to send the message), personal attacks or etc. For such, I will either just politely reply I had received it ((in some cases) and will examine my edits / admin actions) or just ignore it. Your email will then be marked as spam.
  • For admins: If I made any administrative actions that any admin feel that it should be reversed, feel free to do so if you feel appropriate. I trust your judgement. I allow reversals of all actions without consultation with me unless explicitly stated by me.
  • My recall: Should my activity falls below 10 logged actions / 3 months (not withstanding meta provisions), please feel free to remove the sysop rights from this account.
  • What I can't do: I have no jurisdiction over content on this wiki and any other Wikimedia Foundation wikis. I cannot remove, rewrite or update any pages here not in accordance to the Foundation Principles. Neither can I override any community processes just because I am an administrator. I also don't have any abilities to publish correction notices about those pages. If I am compelled to do so, I will just resign as an administrator. I only work here based on what the community wants. Should I do anything that the community at large / WMF feels that it is not appropriate, I will be removed of the access. For queries, please forward to legal(_AT_)