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WikidataCon Award 2019

Mix'n'match contains over 3,000 datasets, including lists of important people. It allows one to match names to Wikidata entries, using several different modes. There is a gamified mode, that may require just one click. Where there is a corresponding Wikidata property, statements are entered into Wikidata by the system.

Are you unhappy with the Top Ten Wikipedias rank? See if you can get better than your neighbour at a subset of topics! For instance, who has more European classics (list by the European Library of Information and Culture)?



  • List of existing and missing catalogues in Mix'n'match by category

Updates through automated web page scraping[edit]

The statement "This catalog is regularly updated through automated web page scraping" is found on some pages. It can take more than a week for a rescraping.

Top missing entries[edit]

Pre-selected sets of shared matches to work on by topic and/or language.

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