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Monuments of Spain Challenge
October 1 - October 31, 2014

A bit about the background to why we are doing this

Monuments of Spain is aimed at improving the knowledge about Spanish architectural wealth by providing information in as many languages as possible. Spain is famous for its huge and varied culture, reflected in monuments of many kinds, from Atapuerca to Gaudí.

With Wiki Loves Monuments we have assembled a huge collection of images of castles, churches, palaces and many other wonderfull places all around the Spanish geography. We expect you to make use of them for your articles. Or you can also try to take pictures of the monuments that still haven't any available in Wikimedia Commons and add them to existing articles. With thousands of monuments to choose from, you can organize your own strategy.

This Challenge is intellectually in debt with Wikimedia Sverige. The original idea come up after several of us took part in Umepedia Challenge. We have built this contest on many of their ideas, but we finally had to make our own changes because, as our ministry of tourism used to say, Spain is different. So, Tack så mycket! Also the Repte 2014, organized by Amical Wikimedia was a source of ideas and motivation for this contest.

Monuments of Spain is a collaboration between a group of Wikimedians who use diferent languages. Our hope is that this contest will lead to a lot of translations to show how fantastic our community is and spur even more cooperations and more media interest!

Kind regards,

B25es (on behalf of the Monuments of Spain Challenge project team)

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Monuments of Spain Challenge
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