Movement Charter/Community Consultations/2022/Malayalam Wikimedia Community

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General Information[edit]

  • Feedback channels: Online live meetings, In person meeting group discussion, One-to-one meetings, Group discussion.
  • Number of participants: 25 Wikimedians and some non Wikimedians.
  • Community: Malayalam Language Community
  • Feedback Type: Collective feedback of the community collected during Malayalam Community Movement Charter Conversations



  • Suggestion: It will be good if MCDC can prepare glossary page that will be helpful for the community and other entities to comprehend the content very clearly. Words such as "Movement", Strategy, Charter etc are to be included in the proposed glossary of words.
  • Suggestion: It will be good to use the word "Organisation" instead of the word "Movement".


  • It was suggested that instead of using proprietary software programs, the use of open-source software programs and apps are to be considered when foundation or other Wikimedia entity for organizing events, collaboration internally and externally.Also for communications and surveys.
  • It will be good if MCDC can give a title for Privacy section as it is one of the main point for both both Online and Offline privacy for the Users.


  • Suggestion: It will be good if we have more clarity on Hubs and Global council. For this purpose, MCDC needs to prepare definitions of Global council and Hubs.
  • Suggestion: Technical community members also are to be included in MCDC. Since the technology changes day by day, we need to have reflection of technical aspects as well rather than legal policies.
  • Malayalam Community is satisfied with five of the intentional statements to the next developr "Roles and Responsibilities" Chapter of Movement Charter.

Miscellaneous feedback

  • The Malayalam Wikimedia community welcomed the steps adopted by MS to uplift the underrepresented or unrepresented people such as minority language communities, women and any group of humans is underrepresented in the measure that it does not participate in the creation of knowledge. And Malayalam community looks forwards to see such more initiatives to enhance those communities.
  • MC Ambassadors program was appreciated by the Malayalam Community, this has helped to reach the discourse of MC to different communities and entities.
  • One volunteer commented that, it will be good if the timeline for the MCDC discourse extended till 31st January 2023.
  • Three volunteer commented that, the simple English is to be used early as possible in MC.
  • It was suggested that more meetings in person / offline are to be conducted that will help the community to engage more on Movement Strategy spirit.

Offline Conversation[edit]

  • Date and time: Saturday, 17th December 2022 at IST 10.00 AM
  • Location : Thrissur - PG Centre , Near North Bus stand.
  • Contact: --Akbarali (talk) 09:32, 2 December 2022 (UTC)
  • Ph: 9745582385 / Email :
  • Notes & Feedback link : [1]

Online Conversation[edit]