Movement Charter Ambassador Program for Bengali Community

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In our endeavor to promote accessibility and community engagement, we are embarking on a project with the objectives of translating MC documents into Bangla, facilitating discussions within the Bangla community to foster a deeper understanding of the charter, and conducting comprehensive surveys to collect valuable feedback for the MC. Our project timeline spans from September 5 to November 30, 2023, with reports expected to be prepared within 15 days thereafter. It's important to note that all project activities will be conducted online, including community meetings. Our commitment lies in creating a welcoming atmosphere for these discussions, where the Friendly Space Policy will be diligently implemented to ensure constructive and productive interactions.


The specific challenge that our project aims to solve is the limited accessibility and understanding of charter documents within the Bangla community. We plan to address this challenge by translating the MC docs into Bangla, conducting discussions with the community to ensure clarity and familiarity with the charter's content, and analyzing feedback from them to gain valuable insights.


Phase 1
September 05 - September 30: Communicate through relevant mailing lists, onwiki talk, and discussion pages. Translate charter pages into Bangla with the help of MCDC members from the community.
Phase 2
October 01 - October 10: Introduce community members to MCDC through group meetings. Conduct surveys with participants after each group meeting through Google Form for asynchronous communication and publish fortnightly updates through DIFF.
Phase 3
October 15 - November 15: Schedule and hold separate conversations with interested Wikimedians about charters. Summarize the output and analyze the results, publishing fortnightly updates through DIFF.
Phase 4
December 01 - December 15: Systematize and publish the results. Prepare the final report summarizing the entire project.



Phase 1: Translation[edit]

Important pages and subpages links on T:MC/Navbox will be translated to Bangla.
Page to translate Type Translator Status
Charter Content Movement Charter Retranslate Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Content Translate Yahya Done
Movement Charter/Content/One-page draft Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Content/Preamble Aishik Rehman Doing...
Movement Charter/Content/Values & Principles MdsShakil Done
Movement Charter/Content/Roles & Responsibilities Yahya Doing...
Movement Charter/Content/Hubs Aishik Rehman Doing...
Movement Charter/Affiliates by Region Aishik Rehman  On hold
Movement Charter/Content/Global Council MdsShakil Done
Movement Charter/Community Consultation Yahya Done
Movement Charter/Drafting Methodology MdsShakil Done
Movement Charter/Ratification (+subpages) Yahya Done /(উপপাতা হয়নি)
Movement Charter/Frequently Asked Questions Aishik Rehman Doing...
Movement Charter/Content/Glossary MdsShakil Done
Ambassadors Program Movement Charter/Ambassadors Program Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Ambassadors Program/FAQ Retranslate Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Ambassadors Program/Conversations Translate Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Ambassadors Program/Resources Aishik Rehman Done
Movement Charter/Ambassadors Program/Grant - Not done (এখন এই পাতার প্রয়োজনীয়তা নেই)
Drafting Commitee Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Code of Conduct MdsShakil Done
Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Decision-making

Phase 2: Group meetings[edit]

Community Conversations on the Movement Charter in the Bengali Community - Group Round 1[edit]

Phase 3: Individual meetings[edit]


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