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Create your application by typing a name for your page in the format of YourName/Movement Charter Ambassador Program in the input box below. You can use your real name or your username. If you are applying as a WMF Affiliate, please enter your affiliate abbreviation. For example, "Wikimedia Cuteness Association/Movement Charter Ambassador Program" or "John Smith/Movement Charter Ambassador Program".

What is this package?

  • This package is a resource for individuals and groups interested in Movement Charter discussions. The Movement Charter Drafting Committee together with the Wikimedia Foundation support staff encourages you to take advantage of this grant should you and your fellow community members need resources to help increase your community’s awareness of and engagement in the Wikimedia Movement Charter.
  • In this round, we will keep things simple and uniform for the discussions, a once time grant of $750 USD is available. If more money is needed, clearly justify in your application.

Who can apply for this grant package?

  • This package is open to individuals and groups that want to bring their community together, online or in-person, to discuss the Movement Charter.
  • Applicants from underrepresented language communities and regions will be prioritized.
  • This package is designed to further enable Movement Strategy recommendation #4 Equity in Decision-making. It is expected that there will be one grant within a target community. Decisions will be made to ensure there are no overlaps. Applicants are encouraged to work together on a grant package

What activities are expected to be carried out?

  • Host: Host community conversations about the proposed Movement Charter sections, virtual or in-person, collect feedback, summarize and share.
  • Translate: Translate documents that have not yet been translated, to ensure that Movement Charter content is accessible for community engagement.
  • Share: Share the learnings from this work with the global community by collecting feedback and recommendations from your community, and sharing the resulting summary report. The grantees are expected to share:
    • Summary report published on Diff
    • Brief summary to be shared on the relevant Meta Talk pages.

Expected timeline:

  • Call for applications launch: June 25
  • End of the call for applications: July 30, 2023 (closed)
  • Project Implementation phase: September 1 - November 15 2023
  • Outcomes report: December 15
This is a made up example of a standard proposal (or "package") for the Movement Charter Ambassadors Program.
targetX Affiliate
start dateNovember
start year2022
end dateJanuary
end year2023
budget (local currency)(N/A)
budget (USD)(N/A)
grant typeOrganization
contact(s)• Example person



This grant example also contains a number of useful resources and documents that may help you achieve the desired goals.

Project Goal[edit]

What specific Movement Strategy Initiatives are community members most interested in?

(Please select one of the Initiatives described here, and explain why is this grants package important within your community?)

24. Movement Charter: To ensure that our communities are fully engaged in conversations about the governance of the movement.

Project Background[edit]

What are the challenges you aim to address with this project? Those can help you to think about your project proposal.

  • Many people within our community are not aware of the Movement Charter. This lack of awareness means that many are not fully engaged. This project presents an opportunity for people to come together to discuss and learn more about decision-making within the movement and how these decisions affect them and the valuable work that is happening.

When do you intend to begin and complete this project?

  • We aim to implement this project between September 10 and November 10, 2023 and have our reports ready 30 days after.

Where will your project activities be happening?

  • Online: we will host online meetings to onboard the community. We will invite Movement Strategy facilitators and members of the MCDC to join these online conversions so people have an opportunity to engage directly and get immediate responses to their questions.
  • Hybrid: Some of our community members would like to meet in-person for these conversations, while others will be remote. The aim is to make sure that the first conversations happen with everyone in the discussions. We aim to ensure that everyone is truly included
  • In-person (offline): Our community members are available to meet in-person. People engage better this way.

Are you collaborating with others on this project?

(please provide details of how partners intend to work together to achieve the project goal)

  1. Coordinator: Responsible for the major activities of the project, including receiving the grants funds, writing the grants report, and coordinating between the other collaborators.
  2. Translator: A community member will be working to translate Movement Strategy pages to our languages.
  3. Outreach & Awareness: Another community member will distribute the translated documents to introduce our community to Movement Strategy and Implementation Grants.

Project Activities[edit]

What specific activities will be carried out during this project?

(Please describe the specific activities that will be carried out during this project.)

  • Translations: the following documents and pages will be translated
    • Movement Charter content pages
    • Reports pages
    • Forms / Survey translations
    • Conversation events pages
    • Announcements
  • Community Engagement:
    • Outreach: While we are working on translations, we will make sure to reach out to the communities and inform them about the upcoming engagements.
    • MCDC community workshop: We will host an initial 90 minute workshop. This workshop will be about sharing the details of the Movement Charter with our community members. We will share practical examples of why their contribution to the Movement Charter discussions is important.
    • MCDC community conversation: We will host another 90 minute conversation session with our community members to discuss a shared plan and approach for how we engage in Movement Charter discussions

What other tools would you require, apart from the list already shared?

(Please note that some tools requested may not be available. You are invited to suggest developing these tools where they are not available)

  • A Zoom link for the meetings. We have all the tools we will need for this project

How do you intend to keep communities updated on the progress and outcomes of the project?

(Please add the names or usernames of these individuals responsible for updating the community)

  • Meta
  • Movement Strategy Forum
  • Diff blog platform
  • Village pumps
  • Telegram group
  • Other community channels for people to know