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Living documents to define responsibilities

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Coordinating Across Stakeholders requires defining clear responsibilities across the Wikimedia movement. Currently, there is much ambiguity about the roles of the many Wikimedia stakeholders in specific areas (for example: how do Affiliates contribute to developing new technologies?). In order to improve coordination between stakeholders, there should be clear documents that clarify the responsibilities of each stakeholder. Such documents should establish the values and accountabilities of work in each specific topic (for example: technology or advocacy). Those documents should be kept up-to-date to reflect the inclusion of newcomers, as well as the evolution of the area of work and evolving roles and needs.

  • Create and keep updated shared documents defining clear responsibilities and expected capabilities for specific activities like advocacy, capacity building, partnerships, product, and technology, among others. These documents will reflect common shared values, needs, principles, and accountability and facilitate growth and inclusivity.



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