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Movement Strategy/Initiatives/Third party ecosystems

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Engagement of third party ecosystems

In order to increase the Sustainability of Our Movement in terms of technology and people, we should engage new people in the development of our platform, specifically from third-parties. The term “third-party” here refers to external developers who are not part of the Wikimedia movement, but who contribute to improving the MediaWiki software. There are many opportunities to encourage those developers to make more contributions. Ongoing projects like Wikibase and Parsoid are providing those in certain contexts, but there is room to grow.



Join or start a discussion on Meta or the "Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement" space of the Movement Strategy Forum.


Apply for a Movement Strategy implementation grant to create a project that advances this initiative.

Get help

If you need help in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with members of the Movement Strategy and Governance Team. They are here to help!

You can write to the team in any of 19 languages (listed on the team's page), by writing an email to: strategy2030@wikimedia.org

Initiative Project Stakeholder type Project lead Geography of the project Implementation Phase
6. Engagement of third party ecosystems Overall Initiative Coordination
6. Engagement of third party ecosystems Chapter Capacity Building for Advocacy Program WMF Global Advocacy (Public Policy) Global Pilot