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There will be an afternoon session to discuss movement roles on Thursday, March 29, in Berlin.

- Where: see Wikimedia_Conference_2012/Venue
- When: 11.00-12.00 and 13.30-17.30


name user name representative at chapters meeting stay in Berlin need reimbursement of travel costs need reimbursement of accommodation
Alice Wiegand lyzzy no Thursday-Sunday not necessarily not necessariliy
Katie Filbert Aude
Joan Gomà Gomà ? Thursday-Sunday not necessarily not necessarily
Sam Klein Sj wmf Thursday-Sunday no no
Bishakha Datta Bishdatta wmf Thursday-Sunday no no
Arne Klempert akl wmf Thursday-Sunday no no

Draft agenda[edit]

This will not be a decision-making meeting, but a public discussion open to attendees to the weekend Chapters Meeting. The primary outcome of the meeting will be

1. an updated summary of related topics on Meta, incorporating early feedback from ChapCom and from Meta discussions
2. a list of pending and ongoing tasks related to refining and updating movement strategy and roles.

Agenda items

  • Wrapping up
    • Movement roles wrap-up on Meta, related discussions over the coming weekend
    • Pending and perennial jobs, recomendations about how to manage future work
  • Active topics
    • New Models, Affiliations Committee
    • Standards (accountability, committee, &c)
    • Chapters council
    • ... and a Charter of principles
    • ... and revising/ assessing standards
  • ... add yours