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Movement roles/Targets

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See also the general discussion of groups in the movement

These are targets for upcoming work by the Movement roles project, to suggest ways to improve how our movement works together. If you have suggestions for new targets, or issues to address, please note that on the general MR discussion page.

All are welcome to take part in this work. We hope to have a community poll, a movement charter that all formal groups can endorse, and specific recommendations for the Foundation, for Chapters, and for project communities. If you are interested in one of these targets, please add your name next to it below.

Background and past targets




  • Quick poll for the Chapters meeting - Asaf

Current targets



  1. Share the whitepapers above with wmf and chapters
    Next steps? how does this inform the rest of the process?
    Interested: SJ, GV
  2. Charter draft
    Point people to write a draft, clarify to whom it applies (see topics)
    Interested: Jan, Vladimir
  3. Rec to the Board: New organizational/recognition models
    associations, partner orgs, &c
    Interested: SJ, GV, Bishakha
  4. New Poll/Questionnaire for chapters
    Share results (visual?) from the first poll
    Link to new poll, encourage participation now, mailing list opt-in
    Interested: Asaf
  5. MR quote of the day (with raw link)
    Start low-traffic list w. people opting in during the poll

This summer

  1. Recommendations to all formal entities in the movement
    • Huge link for 'edit this charter', implementation
    • A final movement Charter to endorse (based on the draft. working with all movement groups.)
    Interested: SJ, Jan
  2. Recommendations to the Board:
    • Pan-movement mediation solution (for org-org disputes)
    • Approval process for non-chapter entities (expansion of ChapCom or new parallel group?)
    Interested: GV, Bishakha, Asaf
    • Committee standards: transparency and reporting, openness, membership, activity
    Interested: SJ, Jan
    • Legitimacy standards for movement entities: representation, transparency, community support
    • Auditing and improvement standards: review process for chapters and committees, support models
    • Financial standards for movement groups (including for participating in direct fundraising)
    Interested in any of these three targets: Gomà, Barry, Abbas, Asaf
  3. Recommendations to the Chapters:
    • A well-defined mechanism for group-wide decisions (Chapters Council?)
    Interested: Theo, Vladimir
    • A Peer Review Group to capture status and self-assessment, provide help
    Interested: Theo, Bishakha
    • Standards for good operation; transparency, self-assessment, engagement
    Interested: Theo, Bishakha
  4. Recommendations to other groups and entities (beyond chapters):
    • Peer Review Group to capture status and self-assessments, mentor and help (could be merged)
    • Standards for good operation; transparency, self-assessment, engagement
    Interested in any of these three: Asaf

These issues came up during our discussions, but are out of scope for the MR working group. MR stopped short of discussing community roles this year, to focus its scope this year. However, these issues, and others related to community work which did not come up in the first place, are equally important. They may reuqire a separate group similar to movement roles, balanced to address the needs and concerns facing the editing communities and informal organizations that drive the projects.

If you are interested in these topics, please feel free to note your interest all the same.

  1. Recommendations to the editing community:
    • A pan-project dispute resolution body
    See the proposed Dispute resolution committee
    Interested: Millosh, Theo
    • A Process / Council for cross-project practical & community decisions
    See earlier proposals (community council)
    Clarify responsibility sharing w/ WMF, DRC, other cross-project entities
    Interested: Theo, Gomà, Millosh
  2. Recommendations to the developer community:
    • (needs organization from related discussions; has come up infrequently)

Future-looking targets


General feedback

  1. Review and strategy
    Where do we want to be in 100 years? One chap per country? One partner org per topic?
    How are we progressing towards that vision?
    • A review process for our mission and vision - where are we heading?
    Part of sharpening our strategy, keeping it current. Last process: 2005-6