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Movement roles/Working group meeting 2011-1-29/topic ideas

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Brainstorming cards from the roles matrix discussion, roughly clustered. This was a quick exercise, and is not remotely complete.


  • build partnerships with universities to increase participation by students and faculty
  • develop lesson plans
  • educational cooperations


  • set employee salaries
  • provide training for volunteers / staff / board members
  • training, professionalisation
  • develop partnerships with mobile phone companies to provide better mobile user experience
  • dealing with partner organizations on the global level
  • asking for sponsorship or donation
  • keeping good relationship with companies, organizations and government
  • partner with business
  • form technical partnerships
  • grants and partnerships
  • business partnerships

data, innovation[edit]

  • analyze WM performance to generate insights for improvement
  • provide realtime data for tracking WM performance
  • maintain knowledge sharing resources "we know what we know"
  • encourage outside researchers to study WM
  • document histories, experiences of WM projects for shared learning
  • identify and foster innovation [new projects]
  • fund crazy ideas that community members want to explore

advocacy, enlightenment[edit]

  • global advocacy (literacy, net governance)
  • lobby for better legal environment
  • lobbying
  • dealing with public institutions (television companies, national archives, ...)
  • advocate to governments to increase availability of knowledge under free licence
  • influencing law and society
  • freeing hoarded knowledge
  • advocacy activities
  • advocate for free knowledge
  • local advocacy (A2K [Access to Knowledge], free textbooks)
  • lobbying for better copyright law
  • defend Wikimedia ideals in public debate
  • freeing content
  • spread the idea of collaboration and cooperation
  • solicit content donations (or use cc-by-sa)
  • advocate the vision and mission
  • enlightment about free content

relationships, identity[edit]

  • inform the audience about wikip(m)edia
  • respond to complaints about quality
  • reeder relations (inbound)
  • editor relationship
  • reader relationship
  • answering public or outside non-media queries

software, tools, usability[edit]

  • software development
  • empowering collaboration (tools)
  • develop software and tools for editors
  • support innovation
  • give tools (technical) to the community
  • upgrade the editing interface
  • development of Mediawiki
  • create new applications for WM projects that take advantage of mobile internet
  • wikipedia apps for iPad/Android Pad
  • add social functionality to WM user interface
  • improving wikimedia projects usability
  • improve the software
  • improve usability
  • usability and technical (make wm projects more accessible)

knowledge transfer[edit]

  • improve knowledge transfer in the community
  • share experiences (learned lessons)
  • develop internal manuals (or processes)

branding, memes[edit]

  • defend trademarks
  • create swag
  • trademarks / branding
  • brand & meme development
  • use of wikimedia trademarks for offline volunteer activities
  • merchandizing (swag)
  • trademark management and using
  • develop and distribute WM-branded merchandize to build affiliation


  • protect wikimedia/pedia trademarks
  • dealing with legal issues
  • business inquiries
  • business and legal risk assessment
  • respond to legal challenges to project content
  • protect brand from corruption
  • manage libel lawsuits


  • make urgent global decisions
  • set global goals for the movement
  • have good relationship within wikimedia
  • creating non-editing policies
  • growth in member numbers
  • global strategic development
  • conducting/leading the movement
  • act against movement entities harming the movement
  • coordinate internal communication
  • support startup organizations
  • organizational growth assessment
  • developing movement expertise
  • building a base of affiliate volunteer experts worldwide


  • getting media coverage / press represent
  • press announcements
  • represent wikimedia to public
  • press inquiries

mission partnerships[edit]

  • cooperate with non-chi likeminded organzations (OSM, Mozilla, CC ...)
  • partner with other NGO
  • associations and partnerships with external organizations and institutes
  • GLAM partnerships
  • involve cultural heritage institutions
  • institutional linkages e.g. GLAM
  • institutional partnerships (GLAM, govts ...)
  • institutions (inbound/outbound)
  • work with museums, universities to put content on wiki
  • institutional sponsorship
  • cultural cooperations
  • partner with governments

general outreach[edit]

  • project promotion/outreach
  • outreach to mobilize new editors
  • outreach (proselytism?)
  • create outreach material
  • nurture and grow base of volunteers
  • convert readers to writers
  • encourage new volunteers to edit
  • get more people to edit the projects
  • motivate local user groups
  • point of entry into the movement for community / outside world
  • Wikis (HEART)/Take <cityname>

editor diversity[edit]

  • promote the wikimedia projects locally in local language
  • encourage greater diversity of participants
  • promoting wikimedia projects in regions with low-volunteer activities
  • beginner's guide of wiki projects in local languages
  • offline volunteer recruitment
  • explain how WM works to new groups
  • increase global participation
  • encourage female participation
  • support new communities of contributors (e.g. women, older people) to integrate into WM movement

community support and empowerment[edit]

  • understand user needs
  • understand what drives participation
  • address questions of "culture" on English wiki
  • maintain relationships with volunteers
  • support "the community"
  • mentor new users/contributors
  • support of editing volunteers
  • helping the users
  • teach people how to edit
  • teaching the correct use of wiki projects
  • empowering collaboration and individuals (social norms)

event organziation[edit]

  • Wikimania and large scale community events
  • Organizing conferences and big-scale events (Wikimania)
  • Organizing conferences
  • organize gatherings
  • organize community meetings
  • Hosting events (chapters, mania, workshops)
  • real life events
  • small scale community events
  • hold outreach events

educational impact[edit]

  • help put wikipedia into schools worlswide
  • expand reach
  • fertilize the non-internet w/ knowledge
  • educational impact
  • provide access to Wikimedia projects for offline use cases
  • create offline versions of Wikimedia projects for use in education
  • making the internet not suck
  • making the world editable


  • go after big donors
  • fundraising
  • fundraising
  • donor relationships
  • raise money
  • individual donations

technical infrastructure[edit]

  • secure the infrastructure
  • run the website
  • provide technical infrastructure
  • improve site performance in the global south
  • provide servers and connectivity
  • server operations
  • maintaining & running servers
  • register domain names
  • dealing with cyber squatters

spend money[edit]

  • make grants
  • allocate money to projects that members of the movement want to do
  • ensure all money is spent wisely
  • elaborate ideas to spend money

social responsibility[edit]

  • troubleshooting in an extreme case, crisis management
  • decide how to respond to censorship

community health[edit]

  • buy stroopwaffels
  • facilitate community discussions
  • wikilove
  • arbitrate disputes on wiki
  • access to non-textual knowledge (databases, video, 4-D-models)
  • access to non-notable verifiable/educational knowledge
  • make wikipedia a better place


  • develop educational material (i.e. write wikipedia)
  • editing

content quality[edit]

  • quality of content of WM-projects
  • QC over the projects' contents

movement definitions[edit]

  • decide which entities are in or out of the movement
  • recognizing (i.e. officially) WM chapters
  • set local goals for chapters
  • recognizing non-chapter organizations
  • legitimize organizations (within Wikimedia)


  • expand wikipedias from 250 to 1000 languages
  • promoting specific languages
  • translation
  • ... in their own language

Brainstorming live[edit]

These are the cards we used to work on this brainstorming.