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Name of group, entity or chapter[edit]

How is it known?
Wikimedians in Kansai (WiKansai)

Vision, mission, purpose, goals[edit]

Why does it exist?
To provide the broader public with information of Wikimedia project and movement and facilitate communications and sharing information between Wikimedians and external people with common interest.


About when did it first come together and which are the key events in its story?
Founded on 2010-09-15

Geographical reach or limits[edit]

Where does it work?
Kansai region, Japan

Team and leadership[edit]

Who is part of the group, entity or chapter?
Anyone who supports WiKansai causes can join (endorsements from existing members needed). All current members, including Aphaia, 青子守歌 and VZP10224, reside in Kansai. As of 2011-01-01 it consists of 6 people (5 WM active users + 1 supporter).

Accomplishments to date[edit]

What has it done so far?
Hosting Kansai Wikimedia Unconference (monthly, since 2010/5)
Project publification at local conferences (booth hosting + seminars)
Creation and distribution of brochure "What Wikimedia is: Did You Know?" (In Japanese).

Budget, spending, and fundraising[edit]

How much has it raised or spent?
11,000 JPY (as of 2011-01-01), roughly 120 USD


Which opportunities and challenges are critical now?
Recognition (from JA editing community, external people ...)
Human resources / Getting more people involved
Sustainability (financial & legal in particular)