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Name of group, entity or chapter[edit]

How is it known?
Wikimedia Belgium

Vision, mission, purpose, goals[edit]

Why does it exist?


About when did it first come together and which are the key events in its story?
An initial idea for wikimedia Belgium was formed in December of 2005 but this sizzled very quickly. A new group formed in summer/spring of 2009 (spearheaded by fr:Utilisateur:Dereckson), but efforts appear to have stranded again. Linguistic issues in the country do not help as the groups were formed in 1 language both times(nl in 2006, fr in 2009), with reluctance from people from the other language group to commit.

Geographical reach or limits[edit]

Where does it work?

Team and leadership[edit]

Who is part of the group, entity or chapter?

Accomplishments to date[edit]

What has it done so far?

Budget, spending, and fundraising[edit]

How much has it raised or spent?


Which opportunities and challenges are critical now?