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Movement roles project/History

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At its October 2010 meeting, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees approved the direction of the group and encouraged all interested parties, particularly chapters and other stakeholders as outlined in the proposal, to engage in the process. The active participants will develop an initial draft of a 'charter' and recommendations, to be improved iteratively.

  • Chapters meeting 2010: a decision to organize thoughts on the matter
  • Summer 2010: Initial MR proposal reflecting discussions to date
  • Jan 2011: in-person meeting in Frankfurt (meeting notes)
  • Jan 2011: topics drafted for a Wikimedia charter (draft charter topics)
  • Mar 2011: in-person meeting in Berlin (meeting notes)
  • Spring 2011, #wikimedia-roles on Freenode
  • Jun 2011: IRC update, Charter discussiopn (notes)
  • Aug 2011 in Haifa at Wikimania