Multimedia Usability Project Meeting France/Schedule

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This page is intended to support the planning and development of the November 6-8 meeting. The agenda is going to be shaped in a very open fashion, with attendees expressing interest in potential meeting groups beforehand on the wiki. This will help us to gauge interest levels.

We'll also try to use this page to recruit a volunteer moderator for each session.

Meeting particulars[edit]

  • Hotel Mercure Porte d'Orléans
  • Room setup
    • 1 room 100 m² - 34 pax in U-shape
    • 2 rooms 50 m² - 10 pax in U-shape
  • Rooms are open from 8.00 to 17.00, can be changed back a bit
  • Lunch is at 12.30 for 1h30min.
  • Welcome coffee in the morning and 2 x 30 min breaks/day one in the morning, one in the afternoon

All rooms have a paperboard, a screen and a projector

Daily agenda[edit]

  • Thursday night: welcome sandwich at the hotel (for those arriving late), free evening (dinner out in the neighborhood for those who want).
  • Friday evening: Community Dinner with Wikimedia Community Location in the hotel.
  • Saturday evening: Free envening, enjoy Paris and have fun.

It's a work meeting[edit]

This meeting is intended to result in

  • documentation ("What has been achieved in area X")
  • specifications ("How would you build X")
  • code ("Here's a first implementation of X")
  • edits ("I've just changed X")
  • e-mails ("I sent X a note about this")
  • project pitches ("We need funding for X")
  • commitments ("I'm going to do X").

As such, it's desirable to have "work rooms" where people can work quietly on some of the identified priority issues, instead of attending group meetings. It's also desirable to have well-defined times each day when the entire group meets to share experiences (possibly beginning of day, mid-day, end of day).


Before we make a real agenda, please see the /Content of the programme.