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Multimedia Usability Project Meeting France/Schedule/Content

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[1]==Proposal for agenda layout== Note, the agenda needs to reflect the fact that our primary goal is to kick off the multimedia usability project. As such, here is a proposal of how we'd like to structure the meeting, so as to try and get the better out of it. A draft schedule based on this proposal is currently being built.

Friday: User experiences[edit]

Friday will be primarily devoted to user experience and feedback on user experience, as well as a preliminalry listing of existing solutions

This should include:

Case studies and user scenarios[edit]

  • Everyone should come up with problems they are aware of in the way Commons works, and which probably hinder participation
    • Reader user problems (search, find, use)
    • Normal user problems (basic wikipedia editor landing on Commons)
    • Power user problems (admins, mass uploads)
    • Specific user problems (GLAM, specific needs such as notices, special credits etc.)
    • We might be able to have a first extract of the Commons site-wide survey

Solutions and workarounds[edit]

  • Technology demos
  • Create list of existing solutions, where they're hosted, what their characteristics are
    • functional tools
    • non-functional tools
    • work-around tools
    • superfluous/double tools
  • Preliminary list of missing tools

Saturday: Which tools for which issues?[edit]

Saturday should be focusing on analyzing existing/missing tools and categorizing them so that we can find out their adequation to existing problems and environement.

Brainstorming: The Commons of your dreams[edit]

Everyone gives a few killer features of the Commons of their dreams, dreaming is allowed. This is designed to help flesh out a few missing tools or missing functionalities in existing tools, for example.

Categorizing of tools[edit]

Using the list previously made on Friday:

  • Which existing tools solve which problems? With which success rate?
    • How well are they integrated in the Commons workflow?
  • Which missing tools could be developped, to solve which problems?
    • How to best integrate them in the Commons workflow?


  • Review of existing tools to see which can be improved/used/can't be used
  • Review of missing tools to see which can be implemented/not implemented
  • Listing of tools in order of priority (this might include prioritization in terms of possibility for integration with Mediawiki, ease of use for user, technical resources available etc.)

Conclusion of the day: 1st Roadmap draft[edit]

First quick attempt at a draft roadmap for the multimedia usability project


Resources analysis[edit]

  • See with people present what resources are available (programmers, technical partnerships etc.)


  • Finalize draft roadmap, work on deadlines, deliverables. This could be either from scratch, or built off an existing draft roadmap presented by the multimedia project team. It will take into account all topics discussed during the previous two days)

Proposal focus topics[edit]

Technology meeting groups[edit]

  • Storage and delivery
  • Content assessment; interested: guillom
    • Reviewing process and rating systems
    • Holding bin / quarantine for license and standards review
  • Image annotation/editing tools; interested: guillom, ArielGlenn (multilingual aspects)
    • Image annotation
    • Image editing
  • Specialized media content
    • Music wiki-modules
    • Smart SVG uses
    • Graph drawing extensions Aude
  • Cross-Wiki functionality ; interested: Multichill, Magnus Manske
    • tight integration (WMF) vs. lose integrateion (InstantCommons/$wgForeignFileRepos): Chad
    • Workflow/Life-Cycle: upload, annotation, categorization, rfd, deletion, notification; interested: Andrew, guillom, Chad
    • Tracking media usage ; interested: Duesentrieb, Bryan
    • Notifying users on other wikis of problems, discussions, deletion, renames, etc; interested: Duesentrieb, Andrew, Chad
    • Increasing awareness and usage: Chad
  • Metrics ; interested: Multichill, GerardM
    • Quantitative
      • Usage
      • Amount
    • Qualitative
      • Active feedback
      • Community awards

Partnerships/policy/community practices groups[edit]

  • Policy and documentation review
    • Review, rewriting and refactoring of existing policies regarding Wikimedia Commons
    • Identify needed high priority tutorials / explanations
  • Wikipedia content contests; interested: Kaldari, Pharos, Sj +
    • Develop guidelines and instructions for DIY Wikipedia contests, Multichill
    • Annual contests
      • Wikimania media contests
      • Global media awards recognizing the best authors/archives/reusers of free content, from the perspective of Commons
    • Develop software to facilitate mass uploading, score tallying, image organizing, etc.; interested: Magnus Manske