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Feel free to contribute to the collection import related to the Museo Egizio's collection (

This is just a stub.

The dataset contains high-definition TIFF images and related metadata, about physical historical object.

Pre-flight checks[edit]

Dataset / spreadsheet
  • Done Wikidata-compatible license (CC0)
  • Done structured information
  • Done 1-1 association between the dataset and the images
    the column "Numero di inventario" is the directory name containing the related images
  • Done libre license (CC0)
  • Done high definition
  • Done libre format (TIFF)

Upload files in WMIT nextCloud[edit]

Local configuration[edit]

Time required: 10 minutes.

  1. install the program "RCLONE"
  2. open a terminal
    • on Linux and macOS search "Terminal" in the applications and open it
    • on Microsoft Windows search "PowerShell" and open it
  3. run this command in the terminal:
    rclone config
  4. type n to create a "New remote"
  5. type as name something like this:
  6. select Webdav
    You can type "webdav" or type the corresponding number for the menu Webdav
  7. URL:
  8. if it asks, set NextCloud
  9. Username:
  10. Type y ("Yes type in my own password")
  11. Password:
    Your personal and very secret password provided by Wikimedia IT.
  12. Confirm password
  13. Bearer token
    Just press enter to skip
  14. Edit advanced config?
  15. Remote config

At this point you should see this:

url =
vendor = nextcloud
user = museo.egizio
pass = *** ENCRYPTED ***

If it happens, just click y to confirm.

Then click q to quit.

Good job!

Now you are ready to upload data from your local computer. See the section #Local upload.

Local upload[edit]

Note: first read #Local configuration.

To upload a local directory, for example called /tmp/ArchivioMuseo/ and full of images, just run this command:

Example in Linux and macOS etc.:

#                      ↓ source             ↓ destination
rclone copy --progress /tmp/ArchivioMuseo/  wmit-workspace:Immagini_Museo_Egizio_di_Torino

Example in Microsoft Windows:

#                       ↓ source           ↓ destination
rclone copy --progress  "C:\ArchivioMuseo"  wmit-workspace:Immagini_Museo_Egizio_di_Torino

Example in Microsoft Windows to skip temporary files:

rclone copy --progress --exclude Thumbs.db  "C:\ArchivioMuseo"  wmit-workspace:Immagini_Museo_Egizio_di_Torino

This command transfers your local directory as much fast as possible inside NextCloud, precisely into the remote directory (called Immagini_Museo_Egizio_di_Torino).

This command is safe and it does NOT change your local directory, only the remote directory.

It should just work. In this case, well done!

Images structure[edit]

├── C. 0258
│   ├── _HET9650-Modifica.tif
│   ├── _HET9655.tif
│   └── _HET9662-Modifica.tif
└── C. 0768
    ├── 1_F433_C768.tif
    ├── Cat. 768 - DSC2953+52+54_ok.tif
    ├── Cat. 768 - DSC2996+92_ok.tif
    ├── _DSC2972+79+77 ok.tif
    ├── _DSC2986+85+83_ok.tif
    ├── Figura-C768_B4233.tif
    └── Figura-C768_B4234.tif

Images import[edit]

The Museo Egizio has an image repository and they want to make it available.


  • 300 GB 450 GB
  • 2500 directories
  • filetype: TIFF

Available options to receive and store this data:

  • WMIT NextCloud ("Workspace") (suggested) -
    • Facts:
      • we already have 900 GB free
      • we already have a proactive responsive provider (Cloud68) who can help
      • ability to bulk-transfer files using reliable and stable and well-known tools like rclone (
        Tip: WMIT tech commission can help Museo Egizio in using the "rclone" tool (but it's easier to try than to explain)
  • a new storage server (probably not needed)
    • Facts:
      • not an already-existing resource for WMIT
      • but very simple to bulk-transfer files using reliable and stable and well-known tools like rsync etc.
  • ...

Dataset structure[edit]

The CSV file has this structure (this is just a temporary example)

"Numero di Inventario","Categoria","Descrizione","Materiale e tecnica","Dimensioni","Periodo","Dinastia","Regno","Dall_anno","Al","Provenienza","Acquisizione","Collocazione","Link ME (da normalizzare)","Inventory Number","Category","Description","Material and tecnique","Dimensions","Period","Reign","Dynasty","From","To","Provenance","Acquisition","Location","Link ME (da normalizzare)"
"C. 0023","Statuetta","Statuetta del dio Osiride","Pietra / steatite","Dimensioni: 26,5 x 8,5 x 15,5 cm","Epoca Tarda",,,-722,-332,"Ignota ","Collezione Drovetti (1824)","Sala 01 Vetrina 04","","C. 0023","Statuette","Statuette of the god Osiris
Steatite. Late Period (722-332 BC).
Drovetti collection (1824). C. 0023","Stone / steatite","Dimensions: 26,5 x 8,5 x 15,5 cm","Late Period",,,-722,-332,"Unknown","Drovetti collection (1824)","Room 01 Showcase 04",""
"C. 0030","Statuetta","Statuetta del dio Osiride","Pietra / grovacca","Dimensioni: 48 x 10 x 16,8 cm","Epoca Tarda",,,-722,-332,"Ignota ","Collezione Drovetti (1824)","Sala 11 Vetrina 07","","C. 0030","Statuette","Statuette of the god Osiris
Graywacke. Late Period (722-332 BC). 

Column definition[edit]

# Column name Example content Notes in Wikimedia Commons / SDC
1 Numero di inventario C. 0023 key for the image container and identifier Template:Artwork / Accession number ?
2 Categoria Statuetta see translation in 16 Template:Artwork / Object type
3 Descrizione Statuetta del dio Osiride see translation in 17 Template:Artwork / Description / Template:it
4 Materiale e tecnica Pietra / steatite see translation in 18 !
5 Dimensioni Dimensioni: 26,5 x 8,5 x 15,5 cm check if this can be structured (translated in 19) Template:Artwork / Dimensions / Template:Size?
6 Periodo Epoca Tarda see translation in 20
7 Dinastia XVIII dinastia Example see translation in 22 ?
8 Regno Amenhotep XXXXXX Example see translation in 21
9 Dall'anno -722 Template:Artwork / Date? ↓ (template:complex date)?
10 Al -332 Template:Artwork / Date? ↑
11 Provenienza Ignota can be "Ignota" / "ignota" Template:Artwork / Place of discovery
12 Acquisizione Collezione Drovetti (1824) see translation in 26
13 Collocazione Sala 01 Vetrina 04 see translation in 27 Template:Artwork / Current location?
14 Link ME it seems "/it-IT/" is optional Template:Artwork / References?
15 Inventory Number C. 0023 ignore (same as 1)
16 Category Statuette translation of 2
17 Description Statuette of the god Osiris

Steatite. Late Period (722-332 BC). Drovetti collection (1824). C. 0023

translation of 3 Template:Artwork / Description / Template:en
18 Material and tecnique Stone / steatite translation of 4
19 Dimensions Dimensions: 26,5 x 8,5 x 15,5 cm ignore? translation of 5 ignore
20 Period Late Period translation of 6
21 Reign Amenhotep XXXXXX Example translation of 8
22 Dynasty Eighteenth Dynasty Example translation of 7
23 From -722 ignore (copy of 9) ignore
24 To -332 ignore (copy of 10) ignore
25 Provenance Thebes, Karnak / temple of Amenhotep III (reused in the temple of Mut) (?) translation of 11 (can be "Unknown")
26 Acquisition Drovetti collection (1824) translation of 12
27 Location Room 01 Showcase 04 translation of 13
28 Link ME It seems "/en-GB/" is optional

Wikimedia Commons templates[edit]