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The Museo Egizio, the Egyptian Museum of Turin, is the oldest Nilotic museum in the world and it is one of the most important Italian GLAM institutions that made available under a free Creative Commons license the digital images of his collection, using CC BY 2.0 for almost 3,000 of the approximately 40,000 objects. CC BY is not the proper legal tool for the public domain, but it is often used by the CHIs (with the aim of receiving an acknowledgment as institutions and a recognition of their digitalizations).

Creative Commons Italy and Wikimedia Italy are starting a collaboration with the museum to produce an Italian good practice. We head at developing a data management plan (DMP) for all content of the institution, selecting the proper legal tools with a focus on public domain and applying correctly the CC licenses. This good practice is meant to enhance access, participation, reuse and research. Within the scope of the final project we will collaborate in:

  • Context and legal context (Deborah De Angelis with the collaboration of Iolanda Pensa)
  • Estimating the collection based on current available data, current status and proposal (Iolanda Pensa for the overview and Deborah De Angelis for the legal review)
  • Upload strategy on the Wikimedia projects (Marco Chemello)
  • Bulk upload structured datasets (Luca Martinelli)
  • Bulk upload images with structured data (Valerio Bozzolan, with the support of Luca Martinelli for the data part)
  • Strategy for the use of FLOSS tools with the software management plan (Valerio Bozzolan)
  • Reuse strategy and stakeholders (Marco Chemello with the support of Iolanda Pensa)
  • Project proposal with activities and timeframe (Marta Arosio) and training sessions (Marco Chemello)


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An initiative developed within the Creative Commons Certificate GLAM 2021 by Wikimedia Italia and Creative Commons Italia.

  • Group Project: Deborah De Angelis (CC Italy) - Iolanda Pensa, Marta Arosio, Marco Chemello, Luca Martinelli, Valerio Bozzolan (Wikimedia Italia)
  • Facilitator Creative Commons Certificate GLAM 2021: Evelin Heidel, scann
  • Museo Egizio team:

The documentation is developed on Meta under the CC BY-SA license and the source code is released as Free and Open Source software under the GNU GPL v3+ license.