Navigational template

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Navigational templates are used through Wikimedia projects to link, from a given page, all pages related to the same topics. Thus, a same page can have several navigational templates, one per topic. They provide a complementary visual display to categories.

A simple hierarchy of pages is organized as a parent page and a list of child pages. But variations also occur, such as pages having two parents, etc. A navigational template may also just allow going forward and backward in a linear sequence.

Content navigational templates[edit]

Content navigational templates mainly include navboxes, which are commonly located at page bottom.

On Wikisource, the <pages/> tag (from Proofread Page extension) allows to generate a navigational section, without needing a custom template.

Meta pages navigational templates[edit]

For portals and other organisational pages, navigational template mainly include tab or menu templates, usually in headers. You may find a variety of tab templates in Meta-Wiki’s Design library.