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This is a description of the recurring meetings that New Readers has. This documentation is intended to help the team understand our processes, improve them, and plan for


TMF/Stand up[edit]

Timing: Weekly, except once a month. Mondays at 9:30am Pacific

Attendance: working team

Goal: keep team on the same page, call out and resolve blockers. This is a very tactical meeting.

Format: each attendee has a few minutes to share up to 3 things they are working on that the rest of the group should know about. Some small discussion is fine, but larger conversations should be called out and scheduled for another time. It's OK not to have any update if there's nothing relevant.


Timing: Once monthly, during stand up time. Mondays at 9:30am Pacific

Attendance: working team

Goal: improve internal collaborations through reflection and critique. We should be able to discuss freely what isn't working in the way that we work together, examine those things, and make improvements.

Format: TBD (needs work)


Quarterly planning[edit]

Goal setting[edit]

Timing: quarterly, at least 1 week before goals are due

Attendance: working team

Goal: set publicly-reported goals for quarterly planning

Format: TBD (needs work)

Project planning[edit]

Timing: quarterly, before end of the quarter

Attendance: working team

Goal: basic project planning for all work under the New Readers program. Elements: people, dependencies, roles, rough timelines, and community inclusion.

Format: TBD (needs work)

Mid-quarter check in[edit]

Timing: once per quarter, around the middle of the quarter.

Attendance: working team

Goal: ensure that projects are moving along and make adjustments to expectations and plans to reflect reality.

Format: Follows project list generated during quarterly planning. Each "accountable" person must update on the status of their project, adjust timelines and dependencies as needed.


Monthly update for executives[edit]

Timing: Monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 10am.

Attendance: wider team and executives

Goal: keep executives in the loop. Generate content for monthly update to meta.

Format: Discuss each annual plan objective and where it stands