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The New Readers team is working on a wide variety of projects towards increasing readership in our target countries. Our work spans many teams, communities, and external partners. In order to stay coordinated, we are developing frameworks to guide our collaboration and consultation. We plan to use this as a starting point, and develop further systems as we go. We want your input! Please comment on the talk page with your thoughts.

RACI models[edit]

We are using a RACI model to plan and execute on the projects happening towards our shared goal of increasing readership in our target countries.

A RACI model is a way of defining what people are involved in what projects in what capacity. Being clear and up front about how we will staff and consult for projects will help us work efficiently while making sure to involve those whose expertise is essential and who will be affected by our work.

Here is a generalized RACI model that we can use to think about our work going forward.This generalized document serves 2 purposes:

  1. To help us staff projects and reconcile dependencies as they come up
  2. To guide and drive consultation with communities so that we're sure to involve the right people

For each of our projects, we assign individuals within the team for these roles. There may be some customization depending on the project, and this will likely evolve as we continue to work together.

If you have thoughts about what communities should be consulted for what types of projects, and what channels we should consider for what communities, please let us know on the talk page.

Generalized RACI model for New Readers work[edit]

Definitions for roles and community are below.

Type of project Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed
Implementation Awareness campaigns (regional) Comms, Global Reach regional manager(s), external partner(s) Audience Manager (Comms) Local community, Community Engagement team, Legal team Meta*
Product changes Product, Design Research Product Manager (Product) Broad community Broad community
Partnership launches Global Reach regional manager, Comms Global Reach regional manager Local community Meta*
Grant round (awareness) Community resources, project manager Program Officer (community resources) Communications, Program manager, global reach regional managers Broad community
Research Country specific (eg phone survey, contextual inquiry) Global Reach regional manager(s), others as appropriate Research lead (depends on project) Local community and/or expert, Research team Broad community
Software changes (evaluative research) Product, Design Research Designer/Design Research Broad community Meta*
Industry analysis Global Reach regional manager(s), program manager, other subject area experts Program manager Subject-focused communities, Community Engagement team, other Foundation teams as appropriate Meta*
Publication of materials Comms Research lead New Readers team Meta*

* Meta means that we will publish updates and materials to the New Readers meta hub.


RACI Roles[edit]

The RACI model uses specific definitions to describe different roles within the project's team. Our interpretation of these roles is based on the definitions set out in As we try this framework out and learn from our experiences, we may change these definitions or add other roles. Let us know what you think on the talk page.

Role definition for New Readers work
Responsible These are the people contributing actively to the work of the project/task. This generally includes the accountable for the task as well as additional support.
Accountable This is the single person who is ultimately responsible for driving the project or task through to completion. This person owns the overall project arc and should design and implement the process for the project, including delegating work to those responsible, soliciting and integrating feedback from those who are consulted, and communicating to those who are informed.
Consulted These people are asked for their feedback throughout the process for the project. The structure of that consultation will vary depending on the project and who is being consulted, and some feedback may not be integrated. We will be up front about what the consultation will look like and how we'll integrate feedback.
Informed These are people who will be notified of the project. In most cases, this will be at completion of the project, but in some cases may involve more frequent updates.

Community definitions[edit]

Communities must be consulted in order to make sure that what we are building meets their requirements and needs. This will vary depending on the project. For example work that is isolated to one region in particular will require consultation with community members from that region while work that is wide-ranging, such as feature changes, will require a broader consultation. Let us know what you think about these definitions and feedback channels on the talk page; we'd love to collaborate.

Segment Definition Channels
Local community The community members in a particular country/region (not limited by language). This could include affiliates as well as individual volunteers. Mailing lists, village pumps, off-wiki channels as appropriate. Find and meet people where they are.
Language community Community on a particular language wiki. Village pumps, mailing lists (if applicable), off-wiki (if applicable)
Broad community Wide-scale outreach, including everyone we can track down. Includes staff. Wikimedia-l, village pumps, mailing lists, staff list(s).
Subject-focused communities Community groups and members oriented around a particular subject area (for example: offline, medicine, etc.) Wikiprojects, program or subject-based email lists (for example: offline-l, gendergap, etc.), off-wiki (if applicable)
Meta All of our work will be documented on Meta. This designation is for projects that will be documented but don't require a communication strategy. Meta-Wiki