Nordic Wikimedia/Yearbook 2011

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Yearbook 2011

Working page for the yearbook of 2011 for the Nordic chapters


Project goal: Create a Wikimedia yearbook based on the anual reports 2011 to collect outcomes and best practices in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic leaflet / report should contain a number of "good projects" from each country. There should be at least one responsible in each chapter.

The publication should be issued in the english language.

Target group: Decision-makers, funding entities and authorities, sponsors and officials of GLAM institutions, educational institutions, public entities, content companies, etc.

Rationale: Motivate through best practice. Utilize best practice projects and chapter activities to get buy-in among key target groups. Show that we have the capacity to drive projects. Explain the unique capacities of Wikimedia chapters versus other potential partners (i.e, Wikipedia).

Regularity: Approximately every two years.

Title: Working with Wikimedia in Scandinavia

The yearbook should tell a thorough story through the examples, focusing on the potentials for cross-country / interwiki distribution of cultural content and heritage. Stick to much photos, less text than the German report (Tätigkeitsbericht 2011). Keep it closer to the WMF report with more photos and good graphics. If possible keep it to 12 pages, A4.

  • We should have a text by end-June. Layout preparations in advance, texts fitted to layout. Printing in early July.

Draft schedule[edit]

  • the project starts latest 22 april, outline will be determined.
  • mid may: draft of content
  • end may: final version of the content
  • mid june: design finalized
  • the year book is printed and distributed before 30 june.

Note: Project delayed and distribution at Wikimania 2012 in Washington on possible. No specific event taqrget for distribution, outside FSCONS in November, 2012.


  • final editing, coordination and communication: 15 h
  • design/DTP: 5 000 kr.
  • printing: 5 000 kr.

The financing is provided by CHELHA foundation.


  • Kick-off i Oslo 22 april (WMSE, Holger).
  • Jakob (WMSE) responsible for the editing, coordination of the whole process, and print.
  • WMSEs PR group oversees the process.

Chapter's responsibles[edit]

Status as by end of September[edit]

  • Financing secured (Chelha Foundation)
  • Content produced by WMDK, WMNO och WMSE
  • Contents edited by User:Boberger and by Lennart Guldbrandsson.
  • Contact with designer taken
  • Printing not contracted
  • Distribution plan not drafted
  • Publication not distributed

Status as by end of October[edit]

  • Ready to print
  • To be distributed at FSCONs in Gothenburg November 9-11, 2012
  • Distribution plan not drafted
  • Publication not distributed


Proposed build-up:

All pages written and edited by Lennart Guldbrandsson September 21. Information below is obsolete!

  • /Front page Started
  • /Page 2-3: The Wikipedia phenomenon Started, Wikipedia Academy, editing courses
  • Page 4-5
    • /Page 4: GLAM flagship story (Nationalmuseet, Nordiska) Started: Sweden
    • /Page 5: GLAM flagship story (cont'd) (Folkemuseet), Fact box: project institutions
  • /Page 6-7: Mid-pages: Wikipedia anatomy (incl interwiki)
  • Page 8-9
    • /Page 8: The Wikimedia Commons phenomenon, photo donations
    • /Page 9: Wiki Loves Monuments, photo safaris
  • Page 10-11
    • /Page 10: Nobel interviews, Internet Sweden Project, The Saami project (Norway)
    • /Page 11: Kolofon, addresses, bank accounts, map
  • /Back-page