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Nordic Wikimedia/Yearbook 2011/Page 04

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Museum partnership flagship projects[edit]

Nationalmuseet i København, Copenhagen[edit]

In 2011, Wikimedia Denmark initiated several discussions with the National Museum of Denmark, resulting in two days of photo-shooting in May and December. The year after, this culminated in the installation of a Wikipedian in Residence, the first in the country. Wikipedians in Residence are Wikipedia enthusiasts who obtain insider status and admittance to all parts of a museum, including back-stage archives and artefact collections. The most common task is to shoot photographs of artefacts to wikimedia Commons, but textual descriptions of the collections in article entries at the Wikipedia are also occuring. The National Museum project is paving ground for cooperation with several other cultural institutions.

Selected images uploaded from Nationalmuseet[edit]

Nordiska museet[edit]

In cooperation with Wikimedia Sweden, Nordiska museet has uploaded more than 1,000 pictures to Wikimedia Commons. Including in the donation are glass plates with photos by author and artist August Strindberg, from his séjour in Switzerland in the 1880's. The donation also includes drawings and paintings by Fritz von Dardel from the court life around Swedish and Norwegian king Karl XV (Karl IV in Norway) and also photos by Severin Nilsson, a Swedish pioneer in documentary photography. This was the second major photo donation by a Swedish institution, the first being a donation by Regionarkivet i Göteborg.

Selected images uploaded from Nordiska museet, Stockholm[edit]