Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting April 1 2017

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Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting April 1, 2017


  • Gideon Digby (WMAU)
  • Philip Kopetsky (WMAT)
  • Geert van Pamel (WMBE)
  • Benoit Rochon (WMCA)
  • Marco Correa (WMCL)
  • Tim Moritz Hector (WMDE)
  • Tamás Mészöly (WMHU)
  • Biyanto Rebin (WMID)
  • Itzik Edri (WMIL) only during the start of the meeting
  • Lorenzo Losa (WMIT)
  • Iván Martínez (WMMX) left after the opening with the following statement: “Sorry, I need to leave the session because my organization support Gender Diversity. I can't join an only male meeting.”
  • Frans Grijzenhout (WMNL)
  • Hogne Neteland (WMNO)
  • Tomasz Ganicz (WMPL)
  • Filip Maljkovic (WMRS)
  • User:KuboF Hromoslav (WUG-to-be Wikimedia Slovakia) + WUG Esperanto af Free Knowledge
  • Douglas Scott (WMZA)
  • Mattias Blomgren (WMSE)
  • Dorian Credé (WMCH)
  • Liang-chih ShangKuan (WMTW on behalf of (Aaron)Xin-Hong Wang)
  • Michael Maggs (WMUK)
  • Oscar (WMVE)
  • Richard Knipel (WM US-NYC)


Frans will moderate the meeting.

The notes on etherpad are edited by the attendees. Notes will be transferred to meta after the meeting.

Notes previous chairpersons meeting, nov 2, 2016[edit]

Notes previous chairpersons meeting, nov 2, 2016: No comments.

Evaluation of the Boards training workshop 2017[edit]

Frans presents the evaluation of the Boards training workshop 2017. The outcome was good. The training was highly evaluated by the attending board members (16 from 14 different chapters). Workshop will be organized again in 2018.


  • Could it to be hold during the weekend? Probably not. To organise the workshop as a pre-conference gives the attending board members the opportunity to also participate in the Wikimedia Conference itself.
  • Is it possible to copy the format for regional trainings, f.e. in South America, Asia, Africa? In principle yes, documentation is available. But it seems logical that the subjects or themes are different and that the workshop should thus be adjusted to regional needs.
  • Is is possible to reuse the training materials? Yes, all material is cc-by-sa. The library with the presentations, including various links, can be found on Meta: Board Member Support.


Central question: How can we as chairpersons support the movement strategy process?


  • The chairs support the strategy, but given our differences it will be difficult to make one statement.
  • Statements made during the discussion:
    • The research is currently American centric. Want to see more local research, could be done by local chapters.
    • Strategy for 2030: More chapters, and more geography.
    • We could support the process and this would be welcome. A statement is prepared. Suggestion: We as board chairs support the strategy process and we will encourage our chapters to contribute to the process.
  • Joint Statement by the Chairs present during the meeting:The Wikimedia chairs, meeting in Berlin on 1st April 2017, support the Wikimedia movement strategy process and we will encourage our respective organisations to contribute.
  • All meeting chairs agreed on this statement. The statement will be published on meta and brought to the attention of Katherine, Christope and to also to all the chairs that were not able to attend this meeting.

Update of the Chairs mailing list[edit]

Is this list up to date and complete?. Itzik is the moderator, we don't have access to the list. Frans will ask Itzik to give an update.


  • Suggestion to add another admin to the chairpersons list.
  • Repair the current one - updating & checking with affcom to know the precise current namelist of chairs.
  • Chair of Chairs - Should the chairs have their own board?
  • Use telegram.

Other issues[edit]

Proposal to discuss the recognition of Chapters and User groups. Will be put on the agenda of next meeting, probably during Wikimania 2017.

Next meeting during Wikimania 2017. Could this session be accessed online?