Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting November 2, 2016

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Notes_of_the_Affiliate_Chairpersons_meeting_November 2, 2016


  • Hogne Neteland - Wikimedia Norway
  • Geert Van Pamel - Wikimedia Belgium
  • Dorian Credé - Wikimedia CH
  • Frans Grijzenhout, WM Netherlands
  • Richard Knipel, Wikimedia NYC
  • Gnangarra - Wikimedia Australia
  • MichaelMaggs Wikimedia UK
  • Lorenzo Losa (Wikimedia Italia)
  • Liang-chih Shang Kuan, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Tomasz- WMPL
  • Itzik - WM Israel
  • Filip - Wikimedia Serbia

Excused: Tim (illness)


  1. Link to the notes of July 31: Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting July 31, 2016
  2. Strategy / WMF (by Christophe)
  3. Strategy work in general (by Hogne)
  4. Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU (Report: Chairs EU) (EU policy )
  5. Wikipedia Asian Month and similar projects
  6. Next meeting


  • Does anybody know whether Tim can make it? Tim is sick, Frans will lead the session.
  • The link to Hangout provided by Tim poses problems. Richard opens a new handout.
  • Normal hangouts can have up to 10 participants, pro hangouts up to 15. Since now we have 11, I assume it's 15 for both.
  • There are people definitely not being allowed on now, like Itzik and Tomasz.- maybe it's working for up to 15 now. Itzik and Tomasz are in.
  • Someone recommended to use for the next chair meeting...
  • As Christophe has another meeting in 15 minutes we change the order of the meeting.


Christophe gives update on WMF strategy.

  • The board will discuss the process next week. This time it will be a broader Strategy originated from the movement. Link: Strategy/2016-2017
  • Frans: is there a special role for chapters? Christophe: I don't like the term "special role". The work of local communities is important to get a really global process. Special for communities where English is not the native language. Strategy will be a major subject at Wikimedia Conference 2017, we have discussed this with Wikimedia Germany. There is no overlap between the conference and the board meeting this year.

Question: do you mean that there will be a dedicated chapter meeting at the Berlin Wikimedia 2017 conference?

  • Michael: The Affiliates have specific knowledge. How to secure the contribution from smaller affiliates or user groups?
  • Christophe: the first step is to create a platform where the discussion can evolve?

How to organise this since Wikimedia is both a centralized and a decentralized organization. English on a MediaWiki platorm might not the most easy/efficient solution for many of non-English speaking persons. There will be an effort to include as many local community as possible, possibly in their language, in particular in Africa and Southern Asia.

  • Christophe will send update after board meeting
  • Gnangarra expresses his concerns about affiliates represenation.
  • Christophe: Representation is already secured f.e. the chair and vice chair come from affiliates and know the opportunities and challenges they offer.

WMF will publish an update on the strategy process after the WMF board meeting of november.

Notes of the last meeting[edit]

Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting July 31, 2016

There are no comments about the notes of the last meeting as published on Meta.

Strategy work in general[edit]

Can we place the strategies of the different affiliates on one place?

  • Lorenzo: there is a page already, see Strategy
  • Dorian Credé: FYI - We from Wikimedia CH have defined a vision - now we are working on a strategy 2017-2020. If someone needs some inputs, feel free to contact me. We will link the finalized version to the page on meta.
  • Hogne: wmno:Strategy 2016-2020
  • WMNL will place a link as well.

Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU[edit]

EU policy

Hogne: Law change is a threath to Wikimedia projects. Can WMF help? Lorenzo: WMF can only commit limited resources to lobbying due to legislative restrictions.

Geert: What law change? Europe? US? National? Economic? Trade? Licenses? Tomasz: read the documents. Here is the link from Dimi about the 2017 plans and budget of the FKAG and

Wikipedia Asian Month and similar projects[edit]

The person who put this on the agenda is not in the call (or had mic problems!), so it's skipped. Richard Knipel provides the link to the project: Wikipedia Asian Month

Other issues[edit]

Lorenzo: How about the Boards training 2017? Frans: the survey will be disseminated next week.

Strategy again: Should chapters discuss their point of view?

  • Richard: centralized vs decentralized, what does Christophe mean by this?
  • Michael: I think that it is important that the chapters prepare the WM Conference 2017 regarding strategy concerns.
  • Frans: Is it possible to start with a list of issues / major headings? And then proceed?
  • Michael: OK, but with a small group of volunteers.
  • Volunteers: Michel, Gnangarra and Tim (to be asked).
  • Richard Knipel: See also Wikimedia Conference 2017

Next meeting: 3rd or 4th week of January (Tim).