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March 3, 2019[edit]

  • Present: Irvin Sto. Tomas, Froy Beraña, Maffeth Opiana, Joseph Ciudadano, Anthony Diaz
  • Absent: Gil L. Gregorio
  • Other attendees (remote): Steven Fung, Ramon Olaño Jr., Jusan Misolas, Cris Gomez, Harold Gomez, Ian Kenneth Orasa, Rodel Frias, John Paul Collantes
  • Place: Caby's Cabana Restaurant, Elias Angeles Street, Naga City
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


  • PH-WC election
    • The board of trustees decided to hold its second general meeting on the 3rd day of March, 6:00 in the evening at Caby's Cabana Restaurant, Elias Angeles St., Naga City.
    • Only members can participate in the election. Remote or online attendance was encouraged among members who are not based in Naga City.
    • Thru secret voting, participants listed 5 names among each other. Steven, Ramon, Jusan, Cris, Harold, Kenneth, Rodel, and JP communicated their votes online and SMS.
    • When the voting closed, Irvin, Froy, Anthony, Maffeth, and Ramon received the 5 highest votes.
    • The election of officers was participated by the 5 elected trustees.

Next meeting: 3rd week of March, 2020

Approved Resolutions[edit]