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Minutes of the Board Meeting of March 22, 2020, 4:32- 9:25 pm Philippine Time

1st Board Meeting[edit]

Present: Irvin Sto. Tomas (Chair), Steven Fung, Ramon Olaño, Froy Beraña, Maffeth Opiana

Absent: none

Place: virtual meeting via Facebook messenger

Time: 4:00-5:00 pm Philippine Time


  1. Election of officers


Irvin Sto. Tomas started the discussion by revisiting the history and objectives of the user group and that of the Philippine Wikimedia Community as a company. After which, Ramon Olaño pointed out that the body only needs to elect the President, while the Treasurer and Secretary may not be a trustee and may be appointed.

Steven Fung clarified which positions are currently vacant and if only the President has to be a trustee in reference to the new by-laws. Ramon then stressed out that there are no clear provisions in the by-laws what executive positions be created and it simply says that the President be elected by the Board from among themselves. He continued that no position of Vice President or Auditor is clearly indicated or a Business Manager.

It was clarified that the Treasurer and Secretary are chosen by the Board and may or may not be a Trustee, and that the President cannot be the Treasurer or Secretary at the same time. Other positions may just simply be appointed by consensus. The President shall automatically serve as the Chairman and for practical reasons, the appointed Vice President shall automatically serve as the Vice Chairman hence he/she must be a Trustee.

Election proper. Ramon proposed that the voting be done thru a secret ballot however Irvin suggested doing the process the same as last year wherein anyone can openly nominate and vote. The motion was carried.

Ramon nominated Irvin for President which the latter accepted. Steven seconded the nomination. Without other nominations and objections, Irvin was reelected as the President.

Maffeth Opiana nominated Ramon for Secretary which the latter declined. Irvin clarified that the next position to be elected is Treasurer and not Secretary. Maffeth then nominated Froy Beraña for Treasurer which he accepted. Ramon nominated Steven for Treasurer "to give a sense of balance" which the latter accepted yet he declined later when Maffeth pointed out the impracticality of having a Treasurer who is not based in the Philippines. Ramon then nominated Anthony Diaz which Irvin seconded. With two nominees, the body voted with 3 against 2 in favor of Froy as the new Treasurer.

Irvin nominated Ramon for Secretary which Maffeth seconded. Steven called for a recess to wait for Ramon's response. The meeting was suspended at 6:42 pm.

The meeting resumed at 7:37 pm. Irvin asked Steven if he would like to be the Secretary which the latter accepted. Maffeth seconded the motion. Without other nominations, Steven was elected Secretary. Irvin then proposed to appoint Ramon as Auditor, pending his acceptance. Froy seconded the motion. Steven proposed to appoint Maffeth if Ramon refuses. Maffeth accepted the proposal.

Irvin recapped the elected and appointed officers. In addition, he appointed Steven Fung to be the Vice President/Vice Chairman which the latter accepted.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Note: The Board would then amend the results of the election and reappoint Maffeth as the new Secretary replacing Steven who held two positions, Secretary and Vice President; appoint Ralff Nachor as the new Auditor and John Paul Collantes as PIO.

Approved Resolutions[edit]