PhilWiki Community/Board Meeting Minutes/2020/March 8

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Executive Meeting[edit]

Present: Irvin Sto. Tomas (Chair), Froy Beraña (Vice), Ramon Olaño Jr. (Treasurer) and Maffeth Opiana

Absent: Anthony Diaz (Secretary)

Place: Black Scoop Cafe, Naga City

Time: 05:30 pm - 06:45 pm


  1. Election of New Set of Officers
  2. Update on Permit Registration
  3. Update on WikiGap Grant
  4. Update on WikiEducation
  5. Membership and Annual Dues
  6. Jonny Alegre's suggections (Branch)
  7. Other Matters


Election of New Set of Officers

The board decides that the members must be settled their annual dues and membership fees before the election. The membership is 500 pesos, and the due yearly is 300 pesos. The election will be held at Kape Naga on March 15, 2020.

Update on Permit Registration

The photograph of the PhilWiki Community office will be the requirement to get approved in the Naga City Central Fire Station. Mr. Ramon Olaño will seek permission from the city librarian, Riko Vinluan, to capture some photographs at the Raul Roco Library, which is the PhilWiki Office located.

Update on WikiGap Grant

The WikiGap grant is a User Group activity funded by the WMF. On March 21, 2020, the second will be held at Naga College Foundation. The WikiGap allocated 25 thousand for prizes.

Update on WikiEducation

The WikiEducation is extended until the opening of the classes. The WikiEducation in partnership with the PhilWiki Community hired 2 local coordinators, but they are not yet signing their contract as of today. The local coordinators are Dang Brazal (Bicol) and Vanj Padilla (Pangasinan).


The board accepts the interested applicants. They are King, Maricon, and Ralph. With regards to the collections of fees, the BDO personal account of Mr. Olaño is the temporary bank account of the PhilWiki. The members will have to scan the receipts and send them to Mr. Olaño as proof of payment.

Jonny Alegre's suggestions (Branch)

The decision of the board is unanimous that the PhilWiki Community is not yet ready for a branch and to change its constitution.

Approved Resolutions[edit]