PhilWiki Community/Board Meetings/2021/Resolution: Member in Good Standing

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2020 Resolutions Member in Good Standing, as amended (6/12/2021)
2021 Resolutions
This resolution was approved by vote on 13 March 2021. Amended on June 12, 2021.

RESOLVED, that a member in good standing is any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership who neither has voluntarily withdrawn from membership nor has been expelled or suspended from membership;

RESOLVED, that a member in good standing is assigned to a member when he or she has remained current on dues which cover a 12-month period;

RESOLVED, that being a member in good standing affirms the member’s commitment to the objectives of the association, and to its by-laws and policies. It is expected that members in good standing will work collaboratively to strengthen the Community and will not engage in any activities that put the association in financial or structural jeopardy, nor engage in any activities that will bring discredit to the Community;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that members in good standing are:

1. Eligible to participate in all meetings, online and offline activities, committee memberships,

2. Eligible to apply for grants and fellowships, and

3. Eligible to vote and be elected or appointed to executive board positions;

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, that new members are eligible to vote immediately after applying for membership and payment of dues;

RESOLVED FINALLY, that a member who fails to attend two (2) successive annual general meetings of members, or to settle his/her membership fee within two (2) years after approval and annual dues in the last two (2) years, is considered an inactive member, who needs to apply for renewal of membership.

APPROVED this 13th day of March 2021 at Naga City.