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PhilWiki Community/GLAM Philippines

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GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. GLAM provide the bedrock for our verifiable information. The original books and manuscripts provide us with the citations that we require. Our illustrations should include information on the location of the original material. When you can see the original, when you know its annotations, an illustration truthfully shows what was originally there.

Project GLAM

The PhilWiki Community launched its first-ever outreach activity under Project GLAM at the National Museum of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, and National Museum of Fine Arts last September 16, 2023 attended by Community members and invited participants composed of teachers, and culture and Wiki Loves photo contests participants. GLAM Program Committee chair Francis Charles D. Brioso organized the activity.

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of this activity is to digitize documents, paintings, artifacts, and other collections from the National Museum to preserve and produce an open-access, freely usable content for the public.

Through this activity, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Upload quality photos in Wikimedia Commons to bring them to a worldwide audience and increase the visibility of the institution’s collections and work.
  • Utilize images through editing and translating Wikipedia articles in any of its 280+ languages through experienced Wikipedia editors around the globe.
  • Assess how to support National Museum’s mission and vision through sponsorship, partnership or technical assistance.

Expected Results

Through this activity, an expected total of three hundred (300) quality photos will be captured and

uploaded to Wiki Commons. Fifty (50) of these photos will be used in editing and or translating Wikipedia articles.


Wikipedia is the most frequently accessed educational website, catering to around 500 million

people monthly. Therefore, a wider audience may be able to freely access the photos from the National Museum. Moreover, Philippine Wikimedia Community, Inc. can give technical support in the future and teach the staff of the National Museum how to upload photos in Wikimedia Commons and edit or translate Wikipedia articles relative to the cultural heritage. Through this effort, it may open doors to possible sponsorship and collaboration from other GLAM partners of the Wikimedia Foundation worldwide.


Commons Category:PhilWiki Community GLAM outreach activity: photos and videos of the events


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

The participants achieved the following goals after the museum tour: Education and learning, cultural enrichment, appreciation of art and aesthetics, reflection and contemplation, entertainment and recreation, inspiration and creativity, community engagement, and preservation awareness.


What worked well? What didn't work so well? What would you do differently next time?

Fort Santiago
National Museum of Fine Arts
National Museum of Anthropology
Manila Meetup
We planned a three-day event, two-day photowalk and one day uploading session in Wiki Commons. On our first day, we went to Intramuros and took pictures of Fort Santiago and Manila Cathedral. We were in awe upon witnessing the retrofitted establishments. It’s as if we travelled back in time. However, we only managed to take a few photos because of the rain and the location gaps of the monuments. It will be better to focus on one specific location or create two teams next time. We were only six because we scheduled the activity on Friday afternoon. Some of the participants could not make it due to work. Therefore, event must be scheduled on the weekends.
On our second day, we visited three museums. We only managed to secure one and a half hour for each tour and it was fun and enlightening, but exhausting on our part. Taking pictures during the tour was a challenge due to limited time. We were accommodated and given a guided tour that we truly appreciate. In each museum, there was a designated tour guide. We gave them calling cards and post cards to introduce the PhilWiki Community. They gladly received the calling card but they advised us to coordinate with the Museum Services Division for partnerships and/or sponsorships. Originally, we requested to set an appointment with the museum director to discuss possible partnership or introduce Project GLAM, but it was hard to meet him or his representative personally. Therefore, we will need the assistance of the Wikimedia Foundation to coordinate with the National Museum, so we can gather more data and have access to their archives.
The uploading session that should take place on our last day was not realized due to unavailability of the other participants and time constraint. We had to travel back to Naga in the afternoon. The travel time was tedious because it took 14 hours by bus. In the next event, it is advisable to travel by plane and plan the itinerary 6 months before the event. Since we only received the fund by July, we did not have ample time to book the flight.
We tried to hold a zoom meeting with the participants to teach them how to upload photos in Wiki Commons, but only three people attended. They managed to upload photos, but we didn’t meet the target number. Because of this, we plan to meet the participants in the photowalk during the academic break, so we can focus in providing one-on-one assistance. Some of the participants mentioned that they experienced difficulty in uploading. As the project lead, I also experienced difficulty organizing the event as it’s my first time. I have realized that it’s not easy to encourage people and make them believe in our cause.
Nevertheless, that experience augmented the appreciation of Philippine history. We believe that when people is inspired, they will be interested to join more of the activities sponsored by PhilWiki. They may not recognize it yet, but their participation means another opportunity to promote the Wikimedia movement.


Main Metrics Description Expected Results
Number of content contributions Number of images uploaded on Wikimedia Commons 300 20,[1] 27,[2] 116,[3]
Number of content contributions Number of images used in articles 50
Number of participants Number of participants who uploaded images/created articles - 6
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