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DISCLAIMER: The Wikimedia Foundation assumes no responsibility or liability for any posts aggregated on Planet Wikimedia. Blog aggregation is a computer-controlled process.

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Planet Wikimedia is a weblog aggregator operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, to bring together on-topic posts about wikis from Wikimedia community members. If you run a blog, and you want to be included, you need to explicitly opt-in (see below).

What does it do?

Planet Wikimedia fetches RSS feeds every hour from selected Wikimedians who blog and aggregates the content of on-topic posts at <> (and other language subdomains).

See also for more technical details.

Which languages exist?

The current list of languages is:

How to add a new language?

Make a change in the operations/puppet repo in one of the per-language files in the modules/planet/templates/feeds/ directory. You'll see the existing examples.

Who and what can be included?

Please post on the discussion page if you feel that a particular blogger's posts are causing the signal-to-noise ratio to decrease.

Planet Wikimedia is a blog aggregation feed that updates hourly.


The Planet Wikimedia is a weblog aggregator operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, to bring together on-topic posts about Wikimedia projects, other wiki sites, the free culture movement, the "wisdom of crowds", etc. -- all from Wikimedia community members. Bloggers may "opt-in" to the blog aggregator, upon review and continued approval from the Wikimedia Meta community.


RSS blog feeds present a convenient, efficient way for Internet denizens to keep informed about a thematic category, in a "one-stop-shopping" sort of way. The Planet Wikimedia seeks to keep users apprised of what Wikimedia-related bloggers are communicating currently. Just as a "news clipping" service might keep an enterprise informed about what the outside media world is saying about them, this service will keep those interested in Wikimedia informed about what the outside blogger world is saying about Wikimedia and related endeavors.

Items desired

  • Technical items - New ideas related to the MediaWiki software, opinions and suggestions relating to current technical implementations on local projects, the software itself, and Wikimedia.
  • Constructive criticism - Thoughtful analysis of things that are "wrong" about Wikimedia, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Praise - Feel-good or human interest stories about "success" around Wikimedia.

Things to avoid

  • Violating the copyrights of others, for example, reproducing something on your blog without permission.
  • Frequent offtopic posts.


  • bg.planet has been created.
  • bg.planet has been created.
  • uk.planet has been created.
  • id.planet has been created.
  • ja.planet got translations but needs feed URLs.
  • there now is #wikimedia-planet on Freenode IRC that outputs all planet feeds (unfortunately currently broken again due to wm-bot issue)

How do I get in?

In order to be included, your RSS feed must either be filtered to on-topic posts (e.g. by tagging all relevant posts with "wikimedia" and providing a feed to this tag), or your blog must be almost exclusively focused on this topic. The very occasional off-topic post is permitted, but given that Planet Wikimedia is intended to scale to hundreds of blogs, please exercise appropriate self-restraint.

Common blogging engines like WordPress and Blogger support label-specific feeds. In both cases, these are not obvious. For Wordpress, the feed URL is something like <> or <>. For Blogger, see this help entry. If you specify the URL of your blog, and make sure to add the category/tag/label "wiki" to your posts, we will help you to try to figure out whether a category-specific feed exists for your blog.

Blogs can be listed under your real name, your username (which will be prefixed with "User:" in the list of authors), or both, e.g. Alan Smithee (Dogmaster3000). Please indicate your preference; if you indicate none, only the real name (if available) will be used. For group blogs, the blog title will be used.

In the spirit of Wikimedia's commitment to free content, we encourage you to consider putting your blog content under a free license. In the spirit of Wikimedia's commitment to an unnecessary inflation of userboxes, you can also add a Planet Userbox to your user page. ;-)

Requests for inclusion

To be included in the planet, simply list your blog below, together with a feed URL (preferably to a filtered feed), and your signature. If you want to display a different name for your blog than the default (e.g. your Wikipedia username), please indicate that here as well. Any developer with access to the Git server (path: operations/puppet ./modules/planet/templates/feeds/en_config.erb) can suggest the addition of your feed, and one of the roots can approve that change.

Not yet added


Add requests that were submitted to Gerrit here using the {{Gerrit}} template.

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Requests for update or removal

Note to French users: Please use /Discussions concernant fr.planet if you want to discuss the opportunity to remove a blog or for any non technical debate.

Note aux utilisateurs du Planet francophone : merci d'utiliser /Discussions concernant fr.planet pour toute requête non technique, comme par exemple la discussion de l'opportunité ou non d'inclusion d'un blog.

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Recently updated or removed



See /Archive for older requests.

Other languages

The Planet at is for English language posts and blogs. To request a planet in your language, please see Planet Wikimedia/New language.

WARNING:planet.runner:Duplicate subscription: and


There is now also #wikimedia-planet on IRC (Freenode) that outputs the latest feeds in the channel, using Wm-bot.


All languages

Chapters Planet (run by Bence Damokos of Wikimedia Hungary) aggregates blogs from Wikimedia chapters. All languages are accepted. There is a Google Translate link at top left.


Open Wiki Blog Planet previously offered a less filtered feed; but it has not been updated since 2011. (Open Wiki Blog Planet, run by en:User:Nickj, edited here: here.)

Chinese / Russian incubator planets

There are several incubator planets, which will be redirected to the Planet Wikimedia sites as and when they come online, so please add feeds following the directions on this page: