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Please Fix is a convention on many wikis, used to distinguish pages that need fixing. "please fix" is normally accomplished with BackLinks, or Categories. MediaWiki lacks a BackLinks capability, but the Categories feature works extremely well. See also Requests for deletion

Template Method


PleaseFix is the same type of action as a request for deletion, or other administrative request. Simply include a template and a note, I believe you'll have to edit a description page.

Category Method


The template method uses MediaWiki's category feature to organize the pages into a list. <nowki>Template:Please fix</nowiki> would add a page to the category "please fix"

find pages that need fixing


use the category browser... (I need help remembering where that is!)

problems with categories


More syntax for people to learn, and not listed.


Some wiki software systems have an embeddable script element that shows a list of all the pages that link to the current page. In that case, just create a link to the reason that needs fixing. This is very quick.

extra benefit


this is super easy to implement.


Unfortunately, every link to the backlinks page marks the page as one that needs fixing.

The Redirect method


If you are running your own wiki, you can do it this way: You can just make a wiki link to PleaseFix:Reason and then make sure that that page is redirected to PleaseFix, and blamo! you got yourself a nice list.

Other alternatives


just talk about the issue on the talk page. It will probably work. People tend to work on what they care about.

  • Try raising the issue on the talk page.
  • Use Watch lists and periodically check it for pages that have notes made to them.
  • There is a funky stub template that people often use in the same way.
  • Use the category PleaseFix
  • (discounted: use a more detailed category)

This page's original purpose


This page was supposed to contain a list of pages that need your help.

See pages that need fixing


Click on What links here to see them.

How to add a page


how to use please fix: if there is something wrong with a page, add a pipe link to "PleaseFix" with a short note what to fix

example: [[PleaseFix|Clarify XY]] - Clarify XY

et voila!, the next time somebody cares to see what other people think needs fixing, they can go to this page, and click the "What links here" button, and enjoy the nicely formatted list -- you'll get a list, but it won't be nicely formatted. if you use the following redirect method, you'll get a nice list.

See Also

  • stub
  • categories
  • help:notification of error ??
  • report to a moderator
  • reversion
  • rfd -- requests for deletion are a similar convention

Not on this wiki


Please fix is not used as a convention on this wiki, however it works very well on mediawiki.