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Program Capacity and Learning/Criteria

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Prioritizing Our Work[edit]

The following criteria guide which projects Program Capacity & Learning staff will resource and work on. Our team focuses on initiatives that support:

  • Impact: Increases content and / or contributors
  • Scalability: Supports multiple communities, partnerships, and replication of best practices.
  • Sustainability: Supports program and community capacity
  • Community Leadership: Builds leadership, encourages collaboration, and engenders trust.
  • Community Need: Points to the need for WMF staff support by multiple data sources.

In our planning, we have prioritized community capacity support. This is subtle, but necessary, shift away from internal WMF data analysis and toward lighter-touch systems for self-support. In this way, we improve competence in and provide tools for self-evaluation and data synthesis by program leaders and Community Resources grants officers. By developing more efficient systems, such as the new Global Metrics API, which is now in testing, we will transition to more scalable support for both staff and volunteers.