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Project GLOW


This page collects the campaigns built in each language project as part of their editing competition.




  • Banners
  • Landing Pages

Campaigns tools[edit]

This section is dedicated to tools that communities will use to track and measure data for project GLOW. It can also be used for features we need for existing tools to better asses campaigns. If you aren't sure which tools you want to use consider reviewing the organizer framework.

  • User Neechal from India community volunteered to build a new tool for measuring and monitoring GLOW



  • As part of Tiger 2.0 campaign, laptops were distributed to 50 Wikipedians in India, in order to help them create articles. The map below shows where laptops has been geographically distributed across the country. The distribution is aligned with areas where Tamil and Punjabi are spoken. Among the 16 Tiger 2.0 languages, Tamil and Punjabi were the ones with most created articles.
Laptop distribution for Project Tiger 2.0.png