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Project Al-Ma'refa
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Project Al-Ma'refa
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Community Budget

Budget Category Cost USD Unit TOTAL Note
Monthly prizes $237.5 60 $14,250 20 winners each month (for a duration of 3 months); Consider prizes with more future value for Wikimedia participation: e.g. Laptops, Amazon gift cards (option: allow them to choose); Consider allocating prizes for target groups: women, geographically
Special prizes $100 3 $900 "3 special editors each month (for a duration of 3 months) E.g. Helping other editors, coming up with a new idea, a difficult article"
Transfer & exchange fees $760 5% of total prizes
Sub-Total Content Creation $15,910
Budget Category Cost USD __Frequency TOTAL Note
GLOW MENA Project Coordinator $2,000 6 months $12,000 Typically 12.5 USD/hour, generally average for the position in Arabic countries

Full time position (40 hours/week)

JOSA Administrative costs $575 6 months $3,450 Estimated with an hourly rate (40 hours/month)
Overhead costs - - $3,432 6% of the total budget
GLOW MENA Project Accountant $950 6 months $5,985 10% of total budget, (+5% service provision tax) ADD WORK COMMITMENT
Taxation $1,200 10% withholding tax of non-resident for the Project Coordinator (JOSA)
Jury fees (5) $900 5 jurys $4,500 300 USD/month each, with a total of five 05 jury members. Workload estimated at 10-15 hours/month per jury.
Advertisment Videos 25+ minutes $4,000 Create animated Videos about Contest and how to edit Wikipedia and participate
Advertisment on social media $2000 Pay advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to gather and recruit new editors and participants.
Design a logo for the competition $200 Design a proffesonal logo for the compeition
Transfer & exchange fees $850 2% of the total budget
Emergency $3,683 Any unexpected fees
Sub-Total Implementing Partner $41,300
Total Year 1 Total $57,210