Project Tiger Training 2023/Feedback/TNSE Mahalingam VNR

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Wishes to All.

After We (Tamil Wiki Community) Won the Project Tiger 2. o contest in 2019, We planned to conduct specialized training in Wikipedia to energise our fellow Wikipedians. But, unfortunately, COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the situation. After the comeback from the pandemic situation, We started and dreamed about the program again. In our community village pump, We started discussions. Neechalkaran had taken fruitful events regarding this. He approached CIS in this regard and got approval for the fund. We have conducted so many meetings through online and offline regarding this. We first decided to conduct the program in Madurai, where we have conducted Wikimania 2022 Local Meet Up. Finally, Sree Balasubramanian (User Name: Balu1967) expressed his wish to conduct the program @ Coimbatore.

During further discussions, Abirami Narayanan, Parvathisri, Sree Balasubramanian and Balajijagadesh jointly co-organized this program along with Neechalkaran.

Neechalkaran took charge of receiving fund and coordinating Resource Persons and participants for the program. He monitored the ongoing process regularly through online meetings. All the coorganizers planned and executed the program very well.

We enjoyed the Campus (Sterling Anaikkatti), food, training hall, lodging and everything. We had great sessions with Tanveer, Neechalkaran, Mourya, Jayprakash and Jinoy. Apart from the regular sessions we had informal knowledge-sharing with fellow Wikipedians also. It was a memorable event we ever had in our journey so far. Moreover, We met the senior users and fellow wiki mates as well as youngsters who were very familiar with technology and shared some tricks to handle the gadgets effectively to contribute to Wikimedia. I really felt blessed when I met Mrs Poongothai (User Name: Booradleyp1) Mam in person, who is our role model Wikipedian. We were also proud in hosting Veteran Bengali and Punjabi Wikipedians Thanks a lot to CIS, Neechalkaran and the co-organizers of this event. Thank you All.--TNSE Mahalingam VNR (talk) 02:08, 30 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]