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Project Tiger Training 2023 is the community prize for the winning community from the Project Tiger 2.0. Training program will be organized by Tamil Wikipedians supported by CIS/Google.


26-28 January 2023


Sterling Anaikatti , 6/301, Vadakottathara, Palakkad Dist. Nearest Air port: Coimbatore, TamilNadu


proposed Training plans.

Content Based training (half day)[edit]

  1. Use of wikicommons
  2. Use of Wikisource/Wikisource/Wikidata for Wikipedia development
  3. Wiki Policies
  4. Advanced/Content Expansion
  5. Writing without typos

Template Based Training (half day)[edit]

  1. Attaching/Expanding images
  2. Info box creation/usage
  3. Template creation/usage
  4. Equation templates
  5. Advanced citation linking

Clean up training (half day)[edit]

  1. How to do a better cleaning job
  2. Linking articles
  3. Category:Maintenance of Wikipedia
  4. How To Translate/Advanced Translation
  5. Category creation

Technology (half day)[edit]

  1. Useful user tools
  2. Wiki API
  3. Introduction to Wiki Tools
  4. Wikimedia Update
  5. How to use administrative tools

Outreach activities (half day)[edit]

  1. Wiki training practices
  2. How to motivate and guide new users?
  3. How to train newbies?
  4. Discussion regarding problems that arise during training


We would invite 30 Users from Tamil Community, 6 users from Punjabi community & 4 users from Bengali Communities for our Training. Scholarship forms/registeration forms will be published in respective village pumps to select.

S.No Community Name Username
1 Punjabi Jagseer Singh User:Jagseer S Sidhu
2 Punjabi Simranjit Kaur User:Simranjeet Sidhu
3 Punjabi Jagmit Singh User:Jagmit Singh Brar
4 Punjabi Kulteshwar Singh User:Kulteshwar Sekhon
5 Punjabi Gaurav Jhammat User:Gaurav Jhammat
6 Punjabi Harpreet Kaur User:Dugal harpreet
7 Bengali Saradindu Bhattacharyya User:শরদিন্দু ভট্টাচার্য্য
8 Bengali Shuvendu Khan User:খাঁ শুভেন্দু
9 Bengali Anupam Dutta User:Anupamdutta73
10 Bengali Nettime Sujata User:Nettime Sujata
11 Tamil Arularasan. G User:Arularasan. G
12 Tamil Sridhar G User:Sridhar G
13 Tamil Mahalingam VNR User:TNSE Mahalingam VNR
14 Tamil Murthy. K User:கி.மூர்த்தி
15 Tamil Balasubramanian User:Balu1967
16 Tamil Vasantha Lakshmi V User:Vasantha Lakshmi V
17 Tamil Deepa arul User:Deepa arul
18 Tamil R. Bala User:Balurbala
19 Tamil Parvathisri User:Parvathisri
20 Tamil B. Jambulingam User:பா. ஜம்புலிங்கம்
21 Tamil Balaji jagadesh User:balajijagadesh
22 Tamil info-farmer User:info-farmer
23 Tamil Rukmani Purushothaman User:Rukmani Purushothaman
24 Tamil பிரயாணி User:பிரயாணி
25 Tamil Divya Gunasekaran User:திவ்யாகுணசேகரன்
26 Tamil Gandhimathi User:காந்திமதி
27 Tamil Booradleyp1 User:Booradleyp1
28 Tamil Selva User:செல்வா
29 Tamil சத்திரத்தான் User:சத்திரத்தான்
30 Tamil D Neethidoss User:D Neethidoss
31 Tamil Abirami Narayanan User:அபிராமி நாராயணன்
32 Tamil Neechalkaran User:Neechalkaran
33 Tamil S. P. Krishnamoorthy User:எஸ். பி. கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி
34 Tamil Stymyrat User:Stymyrat
35 Tamil Anita User:Tnse anita cbe
36 Tamil Arunachalam User:சா அருணாசலம்
37 Tamil Thiyagu Ganesh User:Thiyagu Ganesh
38 Tamil Vishnu Venkatesan User:Vishnu Venkatesan
39 Tamil Ezhilarasi User:ezhilarasi

second list of Participants:

  2. Thavasimuthu muthukkrishnan
  3. subha1727
  4. wekeey
  5. Kavitha Packiyam
  6. Neyakkoo
  7. KarunyaRanjith


  1. S. Balasubramanian
  2. Abirami Narayanan
  3. Sridhar G
  4. J. Balaji
  5. Parvathisri
  6. Neechalkaran
  7. Mahalingam NR


Thanks for participating in the Project Tiger community training workshop. Please fill the form below to share your valuable feedback.

Write your username below and share your feedback. Feel free to write in Punjabi or Tamil, if you want.

Participants who shared feedback already


This is the narrative report of Project Tiger 2.0 training or Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0). The report is divided into a day-wise program schedule.

Day 0[edit]

25 January 2023

Day 1[edit]

26 January 2023