Project Tiger Training 2023/Feedback/Mouryan

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Hello, thanks for participating in Project Tiger Training 2023. This is the feedback time.

Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Management
For private feedback, send an email to nitesh(_AT_) or neechalkaran at gmail dot com

Please share your detailed feedback below:

  • Please summarize your experience in this workshop in 2-3 sentences? (How was you experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
A: I attended Project Tiger Training 2023, Anaikatti as a trainer and it was a wonderful experience. This was my second event related to Project Tiger after the 2019 Project Tiger Community Consultation in Chennai. This was also the first time that I met and had extensive discussions with editors from tawiki, a community that I hold in very high regards. Hitherto my interactions with Thamizh wikipedians in other major pan-India workshops and events had been limited to meet and greet. It is only in this event that I got to learn at length of the amazing online and outreach activities undertaken by the community.
  • In a scale of 1–5 (where 1 means the lowest and 5 means the highest), would you join a similar workshop in future? (write in details, please)
A: Why 5... I would join such an event 500/5!
  • Please explain in details what went well during the workshop?(write in details, please)
A: Although I was a "trainer" at this event, it was an enriching experience for me too, to learn of so many new happenings in tawiki.
Also, it has been equally wonderful catching up with some of the editors whom I had last met two-three years prior.
  • Please explain in details what would you have liked to be different?(how could we improve the workshop, write in details, please)
A: Since I really can't think of anything, let me take this opportunity to thank @Neechalkaran, Balajijagadesh, Medini (CIS-A2K), and Nitesh Gill: for organising the Project Tiger Training 2023 brilliantly, ensuring maximum convenience for all attendees throughout the duration of the event.
  • How do you plan to use and share your learning in near future?
A: I have seldom been a trainer in Wikipedia events and this event was the largest group of editors that I have ever trained. I picked up some pointers that I will keep in mind in order to be a better trainer.
Also, as already stated above, this event was a learning experience for me as well. For example, User:Jayprakash12345 and User:Gnoeee's sessions on tools and Wikidata respectively, were deeply engaging and I'm excited to try them hands-on.