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Queering Wikipedia: 1st conference coordination meeting[edit]

November 7, 2019[edit]



Anyone in this meeting can edit / propose / rearrange this agenda.

  1. Programming ideas
    1. Establish common culture(?s)
      1. What narrative does Wikimedia LGBT+ have for itself right now?
      2. What do we collectively do well?
      3. What are our collective challenges?
    2. Increasing amount of content?
    3. Improving quality of content?
    4. Increasing distribution of existing content across Wikimedia platforms / language communities / cultures?
    5. Better support for LGBT+ people and programs in Wikimedia community program administration?
    6. Solidarity with Gender equality and Sexuality related advocates and programs?
    7. Support in response to misconduct / discrimination?
  2. Wikimedia LGBT+ administration
    1. being a registered Wikimedia affiliate organization - what does this mean to us?
    2. benefits
      1. funding for conferences like this one
      2. invitation for a representative to the Wikimedia Summit
      3. standing to organize in support of grant proposals
    3. costs
      1. The more benefits we exercise, the more reporting and documentation commitments we carry
      2. Historically for most wiki organizations, administration in the wiki process is difficult and stressful
      3. Various challenges common as patterns among other wiki organizations
  3. Theme?
    1. "Queering Wikipedia"?
    2. How do we understand Queering? (Queer vs. just LGBT)
    3. What is there to Queer?
    4. For whome we Queer Wikipedia?
    5. How do we do this?
      1. content development?
      2. outreach to individuals?
      3. outreach to organizations?
      4. thinking out of the (sand)box?
      5. doing/code&design out of the (sand)box?
  4. Invited participants?
    1. Scholarship plan
      1. Method of determination
    2. Attendees without travel funding support
  5. Committees
    1. core team
    2. programming
    3. local team
    4. scholarship
    5. outreach communication
      1. webpage
      2. individual contact through email, etc
      3. posting notices of scholarships, conference, planning for social media
    6. internal communication
      1. documentation for WMF grant requirements
      2. managing calendar / planning meetups
  6. Special invited guests or keynote speakers?
    1. This is a community conference - do we want a keynote speaker?
    2. Any other special guests?
      1. By offer - Samaritans (Q7408851) presentation for 90-120 minutes


Meeting Notes[edit]

  • Reference: Notes
  • Notes taken by: Rachel, Fae, Houssem, John S, Magdalena, kikice, nattes a chat (and a little of Jeffrey)


  • Agreement will be signed by the end of this week
  • Full financial support requested in the grant received!
  • We will have some support for free accommodations as well
  • Wikimedia Austria providing support with their human resources
  • Wikimedia Chapters have been contacted. Wikimedia France willing to pay the participants.
  • Scholarship and Program teams have started discussions

Conference suggestions[edit]

  • Dates of conference: Queering Wikipedia: 21 May - 24 May Linz (4 days)
  • Suggestion: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 22 - May 24)
  • If we have to include 21 May, make it a casual social and pick up of badge / swag. Pre-conference on May 21 (possible edit-a-thon, admin / special user group meetings? Code of Conduct meetings?)
  • Holiday on Thursday 21 May in Austria--but people can be available
  • Official Kick Off of Conference on May 22, end on May 24
  • How long will we have the venue available each day?

-- 24 hours / day availability! -- open workshop space! makerspace! at least 4 conference rooms, plus 2 workshop rooms (small)

    • Day 1: 9 am - 6 pm?
    • 10 am - 6 pm
    • 10 am - 6 pm
  • Minimum of 50 participants, but 20-25 scholarships available
  • Ideally if we get 70-80 people to participate that would be great
  • Swiss and French chapter would pay for the trips of their Wikipedians--would those be included in the scholarships? No--they would be for people without affiliate / chapter support
  • Grant covering the catering and accommodation, plus the swag
  • Scholarship folx would have their visa and flight fees covered
  • Speakers/presenters can apply for scholarships
  • Social venues at the conference are very important
  • WMF encouraging us to use Trello for our conference planning
  • venue is flexible: Grandgarage: can be used for 24 hours a day
  • https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:User:Tsui/Linz_Tabakfabrik_2019
    • open workshops, 3D printers available in the venue, lots of conference rooms available
    • Gives time for post-conference meetings
    • Movie watching suggestion
    • 4 rooms (closed)
    • + 5 to 6 rooms with monitors
    • small groups possible
    • 5G Internet (so live streams are possible)

Queering Wikipedia Themes[edit]

  • Queering Wikipedia is the main theme: we can draft a paragraph as to what this means
  • Make this for a press release as well, for talking points about the conference
  • We will work on the draft Queering Wikipedia paragraph on the Events page for the Queering Wikipedia conference--Rachel will get it started
  • Representation from 5 continents on the planning committee!

Next Meeting[edit]

  • Next coordination meeting in 2 weeks?
  • Thu Nov 21: 3 pm Central Standard Time US / 4 pm Eastern Standard Time US / 10 pm CST Europe
  • free venue for 50 people (Magdalena has to check)
  • template that could be used to manage such a conference
  • Theme: "Queering Wikipedia"? We need to create a press release for the conference in coming 6 weeks

--> do you want WMat/Magdalena to cover local press?