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The Article Monitor provides statistical data and various analyses for a Wikipedia article. The development was partly funded by the reasearch project RENDER. Currently, the Article Monitor supports the English and German language version.


At present you cannot use the Article Monitor unless you have a user account and are logged in. You will then need to install the Article Monitor manually.

To do this, log into your user account and then go to "Preferences" on the menu bar. Select the "Appearance" tab and open "Custom JavaScript" in the "Skin" field. Shorten this process by opening this page, directly. Switch to the edit mode. Then, please include the Article Monitor code snippet and save the page. When you open a Wikipedia article, the "Article Monitor" tab will now appear next to the "View history" tab in the tab bar.


Screenshot of the Article Monitor

Currently, the Article Monitor contains the following statistics and links to further analysis. The list could be extended easily if further tool results or scores are available. Page title This gives the title of the page or article. Status The status shows you whether the article has been rated highly by other readers. The article’s status can be “featured” or “good”. Also given is the date on which the status was awarded. For articles with no additional assessment status this line does not appear in the window.

  • Created: This shows when the article was created and who created it, with a link to the author’s user page.
  • Recent edit: This shows when the article was last edited, again with a link to the user page of the author who made the last edit.
  • Editors: This shows the number of registered editors who have worked on the article and the number of anonymous editors (+IPs).
  • References: Gives the number of references cited in the article.
  • Media Files: Shows the number of media files that the article contains.
  • Visitors yesterday: Shows how many users visited the page yesterday.
  • Visitors last month: Shows the number of visitors during the last month.

  • Link Extractor: The Link Extractor is based on the assumption that the completeness of an article can be measured by comparing the links contained in different language versions.
  • News Finder: The News Finder searches for news articles relating to the lemma of the article that is currently open.
  • Change Detector: The Change Detector investigates the currentness of Wikipedia articles by comparing editing activity in different language versions.
  • WikiGini: WikiGini analyzes and depicts the inequality of authorship in an article. The higher the WikiGini index, the more unequal is the distribution of authorship. If the index for the current article version is not available, the Article Monitor starts the calculation automatically Die Dauer ist abhängig von der Anzahl der Revisionen.

Note: Parameters which are not available for the requested article, will not be listed within the result window.


Currently, the Article Monitor is available in German and English.

Further plans[edit]

  • Make it available for all language versions
  • Expansion of the functionality by adding additional analyses
  • Visibility and accessibility for all users without the need for prior installation

Suggestions on these points are welcome! In case you have questions contact us on the talk page or via e-mail.